Nextcloud Talk system requirements

What are the system requirements for running Nextcloud Talk?

I enabled it on a basic Linode server (1GB RAM, 1 CPU Core) with Nextcloud 13 and tried a group call with 3 persons in it.

We could not establish normal contact all at the same time, the call kept dropping each participant, and the chat was also slow with big delay.

Could this be related to modest server configuration?

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I would say absolutely. Of course, you can run a NextCloud server with next to nothing in regards to hardware, but the experience will not be good. I run a NextCloud server with 8GB Ram, 6 CPU cores and I have gigabit internet…I have had up to 20-25 users online on group calls and one on ones without any drops yet. Everyone reported good quality during their calls. I would take a look at your internet connection as well. I would at least run 2 CPU cores and 4GB of RAM, I’m no professional, but from my experience that seems to work just fine.

Wish you luck!

Do you use the Nextcloud subscription with an MCU at the backend?
I can’t hardly imagine a group call with 20+ users using a meshed network. :open_mouth:

One call requires around 2Mbit so a gigabit connection could work with that many users/calls.

If everyone has a gigabit connection, sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool, where can that component be downloaded?

It can’t. This is for-pay as part of the Talk support contract.

plus a high performance workstation to do all the encoding / decoding …

I literally just used the default install and have gigabit internet. It still works fine with quite a few users. I’ll have a chance to test again soon.

Hi Guys, how about shared server ?

Like if we hosted under hostinger


I installed Nextcloud in shared host, and tune serveur on digital ocean droplet 4GB memory, 2vCPU. It cannot support 5 participants (not all participants get shared desktop).

For the moment I updated the Turn serveur to 8GB memory, 4vCPU. At the same time I am wondering if should move Nextcloud in digital ocean serveur ?