Nextcloud Talk notification

@svp can you post the link to the issue? I’m seeing this myself: having 1 to 1 conversation, there are no notifications, only on @mention. Even though I see notification settings in the app, it’s turned on but actually greyed out so I can’t modify it.

Are you using Nc14?

I am using NC14, yes.

Thank you
I am now on netcloud 14.0.3

I’ve the last version of Nextcloud 14.04 and Nextcloud chat on my raspberry pi 3 b+ and on my 2 smartphones Samsung S7 edge on android 8.0.0
I have NO SOUND of notification for any text message or any video call on the the 2 phones. If I force the videocall on the phone, I can have good communciation with video and sound !
I verified system parameter of my andoid application nextcloud chat on the 2 phones. All is OK with notification sound and vibration are normaly activated.

Have a track to search an issue to this problem ?

Nobody has an idea to solve this problem ?

I read a lot of forum but don’t find any solution

Could you please explain why the F-Droid app has no notification?

Because F-Droid cannot build with the currently proprietary FCM client lib. Soon that will change as Google is open sourcing the lib, so if you have MicroG, it’ll work even if you install the app from F-Droid.

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Thank you for the information. Now it makes more sense for me :smile:
Will you please post some information in here as soon as we can switch back to the F-Droid version? Would be great :beers:

could it be, that the tone is not there if the chatwindow is open.
I have the same, but if I close the window (not the chat) I do get the tone.
That is on several smartphones with different androids.

Since the lastupdate there is no notification.
Why is this?
Version is 3.2.3

before that is was perfect.
notification is vey important

Now everything works well.
Sony xperia xz2preminum :+1:
Huawei P8max :+1:
Huawei Mediapad 3 :+1:
iPhone 6 :+1:
Huawei mate 8 direkt from China has no notification if the app is not active

I am very happy with the app and the emojis are there too

Thanks for the good work

Hi Devs,

I had this experience too there are no notifications anymore?

Is there a new setting which has to be flipped?

Thanks for any advice.

Edit: On iOS there are no notifications either.

Hi. What kind of notifications? Just sound?
I’m having trouble with this…