Nextcloud Talk notification

by trying Nextcloud Talk I stick out that I dont get notifications if I recieve a message…
Is this intended or did I have to configure something special?
If somebody marks me in a groupchat, i get a notification sound, but no entry in the feed - it this intended too?

Fyi - i tryed it on the Android app and on an iPhone with the iOS app.

Tanks in advance
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Benedikt Wiest

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Calls and mentions get a notification, regular chat does not - for now.

Good morning,
tank you for quick reply!
Now its clear :slight_smile:

I am nervous.
When we get the update be able to listen to message sound,if we get one?:hugs:


I find this feature critical to business. We plan on rolling this out to 1000+ users in an enterprise environment. How will i know if messages have been sent to me? especially 1 on 1 chat. this feature is critical to competing with all other hosted chat solutions. Please guide us in how to expedite this feature.


To we have a timeline, and what can we do to make this top priority

I’m sure ordering this feature on a funding base would speed up the development.

I think this could be a fair model, ordering and financing special features, if they are important enough to a company. In future there will for sure be some other special feature ordered and financed by another party to whom it may be important. So everybody could benefit from a faster evolution of NC.

The only “challenge” could be if companies think “Why should we be the first ones ordering and thus financing this special feature?”. Well - if the special feature is important enough, maybe it’s worth investing some money.


OK so any update on this? who do i need to talk to in order to pay to enable group chat notifications? 1 to 1 notifications are enabled; we cannot purchase enterprise without this simple feature of group notifications

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Mail me at and I’ll get you in touch with the right people.


Thanks for clarifying - I couldn’t explain this better myself :slight_smile:

Sure you could - I watched your last “NC Talk - Talk” at the conference :wink:

Anyway, I guess it’s a thin line as open source developers - what do you develop and integrate on your own initiative to be able to keep up or even overtake the “competitors”, and which special features should be ordered and thus financed by others?

Only waiting for orders would possibly stall the evolution of a great product, on the other side only developing without being able to finance it could put the entire project at risk…

So again it’s going to be finding the right balance. As long as Nextcloud is not put at risk, either way is ok :slight_smile:

edit: btw

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Just wondering if there was any timeline on this feature?

What feature exactly?

Hi Mario,

I was referring to the chat notifications fsxadmin had requested. Its challenging to use the platform without notifications on new messages.

You guys have done some excellent work on this so far btw!

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If you’re in 1to1 conversations you get notifications on every message. Group conversations still need a mention.

We’ll work on more customization abilities in the future.

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Hi Mario
I am on Huawei phones P8max Android6 and Mediapad3 Android7
I do get an totification on the mediapad3 if I write @name and then the text. Otherwise nothing to hear. On the P8max the app has to be aktive.
Is that normal. Do I always have to write the @?

With some tricks everything runs good but not perfect for now.
If it would be a little bit more like “line” or “whatsapp”

Hope to hear good news very soon

In one2one conversations you always get notified if you use Nextcloud 14. As for P8Max, you might be able to fix this by modifying notification and power settings on your phone for Nextcloud Talk app, as this is probably related to the OS, and not the app itself.

Well… you actually don’t. I have Nextcloud 14, installed 4 days ago. 2 different androids (Asus and Xiaomi). One of them has Nextcloud Talk installed from Google Play and the other one from F-Droid, both of them at the current version. Google Play services are enabled and also the notification module. The battery optimisation is also disabled. I get no alert at all.

F-Droid has no notifications at all. As for Xiaomi at least, you might need to set some special notification stuff in the settings to make it work.

I found a bit later this was the already reported bug with the “opened conversation” issue. Waiting for the update :slight_smile: