Nextcloud Talk for Android v2.1.0beta3 is out!

Dear users and friends,

Nextcloud Talk for Android v2.1.0beta2 is now out. If you’re not testing it yet, you can join our awesome testing team here:

There are a lot of smaller tweaks and bug fixes in this release which you might not notice at first, but they definitely improve the overall experience.

As for the bigger things:

  • ability to select call(s) and message(s) ringtone
  • the app will now stop ringing if call was picked up on another device
  • completely overhauled incoming call UI and UX
  • basic emoji support
  • better proximity sensor handling in voice-only calls

Some things are of course not mentioned here and I’ll let you discover them!

As always, feel free to file issues ( or contact me directly to discuss: mario AT

Enjoy using the app!


Updated with no problems

No incoming messages notifications, only mentions and incoming calls (the incoming call screen is well done, it shows above lockscreen etc).
The new message notifications are implemented yet?

BTW the caller side call screen should be improved,

  • if it is a audio only call,the screen becomes blank, the caller might be confused what’s going on. The screen should have some elements showing even if the controls are hidden.
  • the screen should turn off when the proximity sensor is triggered. The sensor is working, it does turn off the front camera when covered, but if someone wants to talk with the earpiece, the incoming videos should be stopped too. Or this functionality become available only in audio only calls.

Notifications on every message are not here due to server issue:

As for the rest, let me wake up and think about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you clarify how is the screen blank? You should still see the avatar, name and the fact that video is hidden?

Also the controls don’t disappear in the voice-only call?

There are 2 issues:

  1. It seems that up until 2.1 beta1 if i voice called from the app the screen just went blank after a few seconds (the controls dissapeared and if i tapped the screen thay came back) but the backlight was still on. If noone connected, the screen stayed blank if it was not tapped. Yes if someone was connected we have the avatar, name etc, but until then the blank screen is disconcerting.
    But it seems i cannot reproduce it with beta2, the controls no longer dissapear so this is no longer an issue.
    Although i would say the “connecting” animation should stay on until a succesful connection is established with someone. Also a client side ringing sound may help.
  2. The proximity sensor does not have any effect on audio calls. The only occasion i see it working is in video calls where until covered, the front camera stops working.
    At least in audio calls the proximity sensor should turn the screen off.
  1. I’ll change this a bit more in one of the future versions, but it’s quite good already in beta2 I’d say. As for client ringing: there have been requests in this regards, but as it’s not really a proper feedback (since it’s not real “calling” and you cannot know if someone rejected the call) I’ve dismissed it.

  2. Proximity sensor will be turned off by default in beta3 for audio calls. There’s a request for turning the screen off which I’m still thinking about (it’s not possible to turn off the screen btw, rather it’s turning brightness to minimum).

Let me know if this helps!

  1. Then maybe some message or leaving the existing “connecting…” message on the screen for this time? People might think there is something wrong if not getting any feedback for a few seconds (the screen is essentially blank with the 2 icons on it) so having something in the screen for these periods will certainly help.
  2. For the screen turning off - it should to work like regular audio calls do. I was under the impression the screen turns off then?
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Beta3 is out with the following changes:

  • basic emoji support
  • better proximity sensor handling in voice-only calls

Updated with no problems.
I want to try the emoji :joy::joy::joy:

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Android perfect

Web interface, really funny :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Also if I write an accent in Android talk. In the web interface don’t show and show a code.
The first sentence in the picture are:
Soporte básico de emoji

Fixed. Will be in next beta.

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Updated 2.1.0beta4
The emoji are missing :cry::cry:

How are they missing? You need 3rd party keyboard in order to send emojis.

Is it possible to add an function to send files?

Sorry for the delay, but I’m really busy
Went I sent a emoji only send a empty message

What keyboard? What app version on the server?

Maybe sometimes in the future.

hi I expected have the lastests versions

Nextcloud 13.0.4
Talk 3.2.2

android 2.1.0beta5
Keyboard swiftkey

updated beta 5, alredy doesn’t work