Nextcloud Talk (Android) v3.0.0beta2 is out!

Hello fine folks! :slight_smile:

I just released a v3.0beta1 that brings many nice things, like always. Keep in mind this is just a piece of what you’ll see in the stable 3.0 and the features will be added over the upcoming betas.

This release in particular adds support for new type of push messages introduced with the beta version of Spreed server app. Anyway, without further ado, here’s the list of changes:

Hopefully fixed ghost calls
Support Nc14 and new token-based push messages
Support no-ping capability
Format single emoji messages differently
Rework notifications so "simple notifications" are shown on group/public calls, and incoming call on one2one
Messages grouping

Countless other bug fixes and improvements.

Let me know what you like or dislike and feel free to contribute, either by code or by testing:


Hi @mario I don’t see the update

Relax and wait! :slight_smile:

  • Support Nc14 and new token-based push messages ??

Is it what I’m guessing it is?

That would be way too awesome for me to bear…

@mario btw, how lovely is that - this issue is solved as well in v3.0.0beta1:

Thanks a lot for your work!

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Unsure if completely though? Have to investigate! :slight_smile:
But thanks for being awesome!

No, sorry. :slight_smile:

Aaarrgh - you completely messed with my excitement. Man, I now need that defibrillator :wink:

Sorry. Next time I’ll wait some more minutes. :slight_smile:

Updated with no problems, the android app and the server app too.

Good job with the posted time in every message, every new version it’s really better than the previous.
In my case the emoji still doesn’t work, I supose you remember we talk about the format of the database, but modifying the database scares me a lot.
I think it’s good idea, when the app suports sending pictures, I hope in a close future, maybe will be possible chose my own emoji, select the images I want to use as a emoji. I’ve done it in forums I’ve been admistrating.
I’ve never seen something like this in other chat applications, you only can select the emoji offered for the app.
In this forum is nice the emoji support, also the text options, maybe it’s possible use something similar in our nextcloud server, and think about the possibility to make this customized.

Is this version supposed to work differently than the last beta? It seems to me the notifications work the same way.
And i still get “ghost calls” (if this means the calls where you only see “Incoming call from” and nothing else except the cancel button).
Or for the new notification system we need the new server-side app? Which in turn seems to work only on NC14?

Can you replicate the ghost calls reliably? How can I do it?

It seems to me if i let the Talk app idle in the background for a longer time this happens pretty consistently.
Also even without a call if i open the app the state of conversations/contacts are not updated and the lists are empty. If i try to update either of those lists, the spinner just spins for a long time. Sometimes eventually refreshes on its own. But other occasions i killed the app after 1-2 minutes.
For the record this happens with the latest Google Play beta app and NC 13 server.

Have you updated the server side app??

I’m my server happens the same, but after update all works fine

I have the latest server side app, 3.2.5 since i have Nextcloud server 13.

i have the same problem. Also the lastest server side app 3.2.5.

I’ve nextcloud 13.0.4 and talk 3.2.5
Let’s see what @mario says

I have nextcloud 13.0.5.

Sounds like you’re a “victim” of brute force protection.

Downloading and installed. Will let you know how it goes!