Nextcloud Talk (Android) v3.0.0beta2 is out!


Dunno. I disabled brute force for my network segment where i connect normally (through vpn).
Ghost calls still happen. But if i open the app the lists are not empty anymore. Have to test further.


Beta2 is out folks.

Here’s the changelog:

application will now respect vibration & ring volume settings
application will now respect Do Not Disturb system settings
allow overriding vibration settings to always vibrate
order conversations by last activity & favorites if supported
support setting conversation as favorite (will put it at the top of the list)
initial support for system messages
show unread messages
add presence support for 1-to-1 conversations
show last message in a room if supported
various notification improvements (e.g. message is not included in notification if supported)

Various other bug fixes and improvements.


Now I can see the chats list, but if I enter to anyone the app crash


Got it. Making a new build.


Now I can enter to the chat, but it’s empty, if I say something then appear the previous texts.


Same with me on my Huawei P8max and Mediapad3.
And I do not get the notification. Talk flashes once and than I have to open it by hand
But still there is no tone or notice about the call.


Same here. No more incoming call screen, just one vibration then black screen. Sometimes no notifications even on one to one calls, but it is buzzing once after the other user logs out or leaves conversation in the web interface.
I have the beta3 installed.


Version of the Spreed app and Nextcloud on the server?


Flashes how?


Hi mario,
I do have nextcloud 13.0.5 and Talk 3.2.5
At my huaweis it is beta 3

It vibrates once comes up for half a second and closes


Nextcloud 13.0.5 and Talk app 3.2.5


Did you join the call on another device maybe?

One to one or group/public call?


Hi @mario
Updated beta7
Now wen I enter in a chat the spinner spin some times and get me back to the chats lists


Please try beta8.


Done it
Now works fine