Nextcloud Talk 3.2 with shortcuts, mentions, improved permissions settings

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Today Nextcloud releases Nextcloud Talk 3.2. This update brings a number of interface and feature improvements to Nextcloud Talk, with shortcuts, mentions, and improved permissions settings.

Nextcloud Talk is a self-hosted, enterprise-ready audio/video and text chat solution giving users the highest degree of control over their data and communication. It was announced on January 11, 2018, and we are excited to present you the main improvements of this release.

Major features

This release brings several new features and improvements.


Shortcuts were added for this release and can now be used in active calls: M for mute, V for video, F for full-screen, C for chat and P for participant list.


Participants can now be @mentioned in the chat by starting to type @ followed by the name of the user.

Multiple tabs

Since this release it is possible to have multiple chats at the same time in different tabs.


You can now join a call without Possibility to join a call without camera and/or microphone.

Media permissions

Chat does now not require media permissions anymore. Additionally, leaving a call will free up the media permissions.

Unread messages

Unread chat message count will be displayed in the room list with this release.

Many more improvements

Of course this version of Talk also brings many bugfixes and additional improvements. Here’s a quick list:
  • Guest names are now handled better in chats and in the participant list
  • Users which are participating in a call now have a video icon in the participant list
  • The scrolling position is kept when switching from chat to call or back
  • Rooms are deleted when the last logged in user leaves
  • Chat UI is correctly updated when leaving current room
  • In Firefox: correctly catch the input on the, instead of writing to the placeholder
  • Various layout fixes with videos and screensharing
  • Issues with users that have a numerical name or id are fixed
  • Contacts menu entry when no user was found is fixed
Please note that if you are a mobile user, you will need a recent version of the Nextcloud Talk mobile app to have access to these improvements. We encourage you to update your mobile apps at least to 1.3.0 on iOS (or the most recent version 1.3.1) and 1.1.2 on Android (or the most recent version 1.1.3).

If you have not checked out Nextcloud Talk, time to get started:

  • Install the Nextcloud Talk app on your server from the app store. It is a one-click affair, easier is not possible!
  • You can now use Nextcloud Talk in your browser.
  • For use on mobile, download the Talk app for Android from the Play store or F-Droid.
  • There is also an iOS app, of course.

Wonderful news !
Still getting better and better.

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lovin it.
hopefully can get rid off icq and such soon (i know i AM oldfashioned :smiley: )

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Hi, nice app.
I never use before, just install in my server and in my android mobile, all fine, all seems works.
good job.

I’ve only a question
I can’t see the text chat in the android nextcloud talk app, may you help me ??


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that sounds great!
Are there any plans to implement the chat in the mobile talk App?

That would be wonderful!

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This is great! Finally being able to use it for chat, even if device hasn’t got mic or cam. Wonderful!

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Great!! But Screensharing eg. second Firefox instance and closing it, still crashes the main NC Talk Firefox Instance. :frowning:

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according to a comment from the developer on the Google Play Store , that will come with the next stable release of the application.


This! It would be awesomesauce if users could chat via mobile application. :slightly_smiling_face:

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To all of you looking for a chat on mobile, it’ll be available both on iOS and Android in the next release which I hope will be out in say two weeks? :slight_smile: It will require Talk 3.2 on the server!

We want to make it all nice and good instead of rushing it.


Oh man - I hope you know you’re talking about the promised land here, don’t you? It’s honestly going to be kumbaya time :slight_smile:

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sound nice
I count the days :slight_smile:

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Awesome!! Thank you!!!

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Sneak peak :wink:



I need this so bad


I need It jjjjj

  • I can test if you want
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Epic!!! OMG can’t wait!! :blush:


It’ll be in beta of Play Store sometimes next week.


I test as soon as its available
I Expect works, also, in groups chat :sweat_smile:


You’re wonderful! Many, many thanks!!!

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