Nextcloud Talk 3.2 with shortcuts, mentions, improved permissions settings

As promised: Nextcloud Talk for Android v1.2.0beta1 is now out!


Just updating …

and works !!!

I test better and tell you

many thks

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The next improvement,
emoji support



Hope for the IOS version

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Thanks @mario, I just installed it, seems to work so far :slight_smile:


Anyone have issues with the app token not working?

That and when entering credentials the keyboard covers the entry field.

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That’s the server issue. Just use your regular username & pass and the server will generate the token for you.

The credentials thing should be fixed in beta2, if not - complain afterwards :slight_smile:

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Very nice work! :grin:
The improvements are evident at first glance!
Congratulations! Keep continuing this amazing work!! :wink::grinning:


Thank you for great work.

Indeed, we want to change from google cloud services to nextcloud.

I successfully moved all the calendar, contacts and to-do services to nextcloud.
What I really missed was an hangout like Chat that I can use at PC and Mobile.
So I finally can shutdown ejabberd in a few days.

The last great thing would be a real mail client like outlook.


Hi, thanks for the amazing work!

Is there a way to make notification in browser tab possible? or it will come in future versions?


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Really great work! Is it possible to get notifications on a mobile device (android) that I have got a text message? Basically the same function as you have with any other chat app?

I really love nextcloud and with Talk it is evene better now :slight_smile:

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File an issue in the Spreed repo, I have no idea.

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Yes if you’re mentioned. Otherwise no, not for now. But we’ll work on it - requires changes to the Talk app on the server, the push proxy and mobile apps.

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How can I file an issue in the spreed repo? Do you have a link for me?

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I’m mainly a desktop user but need to look into the Android apps for potential users amongst my clients so apologies but I’m not that savvy with the phone! Having done the upgrade to test the text messaging I’m not having any luck finding how to add participants to a conversation I have initiated but then am also wondering if this facility is available or not on the phone app.

If I add participants from desktop then they pop up in the app conversation no problem so could just start a conversation there and add everyone in the group and leave it at that.

If you try to start a new conversation on the phone app with more than one contact selected you get a “Unfortunately, Nextcloud Talk has stopped” error. It hasn’t, and you can send a message which the recipients receive but in the list of conversations it says ‘never joined’ until you close the app and restart it.

You cannot add participants to an existing conversation in an Android app just yet, but you should be able to start a conversation with several users selected.

Let me test that tomorrow and come back to you.

Just to confirm, what version of the Android app are you running and what version of the Talk server app?

Thanks for confirming adding participants to existing conversation was not yet implemented in the app yet. Details of running apps:

Android app version 1.2.0beta3; Talk server app version 3.2.1

Please, add the possibility to use Thunderbird as a client for the Nextcloud Talk, either through adding new network, or via XMPP or IRC.

I think the best chance could be to have a two-way gateway in the server to access the text conference in xmpp, like being a xmpp muc server or similar.