Nextcloud system requirements for a small organization


I’m working on setting up Nextcloud for a small organization. I’d say 20-30 users.

We would be using most productivity apps as well as collabora, I think 20 concurrent users are the high end.

Now: The box I want to use has a 4cores,4threads @ 3.30GHz CPU and 8gb of ddr3 ram. Is that enough or do I need to upgrade? I’m planning to run the docker collabora backend since I read that it’s faster than the integrated one.

Also, the internet connection would be slightly above 100mbit/s symmetrical. I’m guessing that should work?


Even if CPU frequency and core count matches, not all CPUs are same in performance.

For example, Intel Pentium Quad Core N3530 and a Core i5 with same core count offers vastly different performance.

So mention the CPU make & model.

Personally I see NextCloud to be a CPU hungry application. Multiple users do put heavy load on CPU when there are multiple concurrent active users and connections.

So a powerful CPU is always welcome.

One thing is surely disappointing, there is no exact CPU recommendation from Next Cloud team. We, the users are left out in wild to try and learn from every individual setup about the requirements. I have learnt it the hard way. My choice of CPU is although very power efficient but struggles with performance. Read more here → High CPU Usage NextCloud 22.2.0 (snap) on Ubuntu 20 LTS


Thanks for the response. The CPU’s a i5-2500, what do you think about that?
Also, thanks for the link to the thread.

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I personally think your CPU may struggle when you have those predicted simultaneous concurrent user numbers accessing the system !!

The thing with servers and user base, they grow along with your respective business. So, I guess it may not be future proof as well.

However, if you already have the hardware, why don’t you give this setup a rough test run. Just to have a first hand idea on the resource requirements?


I’d also recommend a more powerful CPU for 20 - 30 users with ~ 20 concurrent. I ran Nextcloud Ver18 on a i5-4460 with 4 users without issue but I’d want more power for more concurrent users and with the higher demands of Nextcloud Ver23 +.

You may also find the built in Collabora server is not sufficient for your team. The built in Collabora server “is limited to 10 open documents only”.

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Okay, good to know, thanks. Are there versions of collabora I can host without the 10 documents restriction?

You also have the option to run your own server but that will require technical knowledge and with the Collabora Online development edition (free) you are still limited to 10 concurrent open documents from 20 different connections at the same time.

If you want to access more than 10 documents concurrently you will need a subscription to Collabora online or a license for a self hosted version of Collabora online.