Nextcloud serving CardDAV / CalDAV to Wordpress community


I have a Wordpress community and would like to provide access to Nextcloud’s Contacts and Calendar functionality for them. Ideally, I would like to be able to set up Nextcloud to authenticate against the Wordpress installation that is already set up, which would be performed whenever they subscribe to or access the CardDAV / CalDAV URLs that are provided. However if authentication can only be done the other direction (but it is known to work) and I will need to transfer the authentication database to Nextcloud, I am open to considering that method as well.

I would appreciate some direction in getting this accomplished. I am fairly new to both systems but not completely inexperienced.

Please always use the search function of this forum first, to prevent unnecessary double postings. I think you will find the answers on your questions here:

Please don’t assume that people don’t use the search feature before posting.
Because yeah. I did.

Of the little out there that is relevant, it’s mostly all about allowing Nextcloud users to authenticate to Wordpress but not the other way around, the latter of which being what my post was primarily about. And no matter what I’ve found, no actual solutions have been posted.

Maybe I’m overlooking something but I have actually spent hours searching and found a few passing mentions of ideas but no reports of anything that has been known to actually work so I made an attempt to be a little specific about what I am after.

WP OAUTH Server:

Nextcloud SSO Client app: