Nextcloud Services - add Android Notifications without Google Play

Continuing the discussion from Which missing apps and features do you want in Nextcloud?:

Currently in beta. Available on F-Droid store.

New in version 1.0-beta10 on F-droid appstore.

  • Added possibility to log in using Nextcloud SingleSignOn
  • Updated default preferences to make app less battery-consuming
  • Added possibility to enable/disable service
  • Added forgotten changelog for beta9
  • Added icon

This uses polling, which will kill battery and won’t provide notifications promptly.

This, on the other hand, will push notifications instantaneously;

Nice, have you considered adding the Push app to the appstore?

Feel free.

This seems promising. Maybe a dumb question, but can this help with notifications in NC Talk on Android without play services?

Yeah, that’s the entire point of it.

Very good, thank you. Had to ask because I’m not getting any Talk notifications. I’ll try to see why.

Well it was worth a shot and I’m thankful you’re working towards solutions, but NC Talk notifications simply do not work on LinwageOS + MicroG with zero Google. Back to Telegram FOSS I guess. :frowning:

Hi @Gene-W

You could maybe install the PlayStore version of Talk. Either via the Aurora Store or download it from apk Mirror or a similiar site. It does register with MicroG but I did not extensivly test it so i can’t tell you how reliably it works…

Yes they do @Gene-W
But just saying “it doesn’t work” doesn’t help to understand what issue YOU might be having with it.

So if you want to get it working, provide more details.

My apologies for the lack of clarity. The only way I can receive notification is if I enable Google device registration and Cloud Messaging in MicroG settings.

I don’t think those risk privacy because there are no Google accounts on my device.

I was hoping for notification from NC Talk without the device registration enabled.

Wait, which app are we talking about right now? This topic is for the Services android app in the original post. If we are discussing the Push app for Nextcloud we should move these posts to a separate topic.

So you didn’t actually try the suggestion I made above in this thread? You just closed your eyes and hoped for the best?

Wow. Pretty sure I was being polite in all of my replies, so no idea why these smartassed replies. Clearly to anyone who could read, I tried suggestions unless of course I missed something, and as requested provided more details as best as I can.

I actually look to support the developers of the FOSS community and am pleased to take that support elsewhere. Good day and best wishes to your endeavors.

Clearly you have no concept of how rude it is for you to ask for help and not (a) try, or (b) acknowledge what was suggested for you to try. So read again my last message, as many times as is necessary for you to comprehend.

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… lol it goes nowhere…

Which is why I’m not going to waste any more energy on you.

Hi Gene-W, did you manage to get NextCloud Talk notifications without Google Services?

@Nully – forget about genew, he failed because he doesn’t follow suggestions. Everything you need to make it work is in this thread.