Nextcloud Security Scanner & Release Schedule?

The Nextcloud Security Scanner displays for Nextcloud 25 “Major Version still supported” although the version is already EOL since 2022-10-19:

What does this mean?

Thank you!

Nexcloud security scanner keeps old results forever :frowning:

take a look at “Scanned at…” and don’t forget to hit [trigger re-scan] button

I have triggerd a rescan already of course before i posted it here.

Is every Nextcloud 25 really EOL? What about Nextcloud Enterprise? Aren’t there longer support periods there?

I have no idea if it takes into account Enterprise versions (if it’s possible at all to detect the versions Enterprise or not from outside). My personal expectation would be it follows the Maintenance and Release Schedule · nextcloud/server Wiki · GitHub as Enterprise customers likely would not rely on the scanner at all… but fact is the scanner is frequently outdated

maybe it would be better Nextcloud stops this offering as it causes lot of confusion…