gives an A+ for a Nextcloud server with EOL version 24

I use icinga2 for monitoring various servers. One of the checks scans various Nextcloud versions for vulnerabilities via I noticed that a Nextcloud version that I forgot to update still gets an A+ rating, even though Nextcloud version 24 is EOL or EOS. This makes the Security Scanner pretty useless.

Well technically, it has all the security fixes NC 25 has as well. So there are no missing security fixes yet. Sure, it would be nice to tell users to upgrade soon.

It literally states that this major version is still supported, which is not true. Someone at Nextcloud simply did not adjust the script.

Actually the tool was already adjusted but not deployed yet.

Nextcloud 24 is unsupported? I think Nextcloud uses the text unsupported for other use cases than End of Life look here.