Nextcloud Security Scanner Not working?

I tried to scan my cloud with
but it is not working … Tried more times in 4 days … Still showing results from MAY 2019 working with my instance without problems …

Have you pressed the refresh-button on the website behind the scan function? It is a known that the website not automatically refreshes the content after a new scan.

yes, more times on RESCAN … Web saying it will be in next 5 minutes scanned, but without any success

could it be possible that my url is BLACKLISTED ?

Same here. Results are not updating even after hitting re-scan and waiting more than 30 minutes.

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Can confirm, i have the same problem.

i can confirm this issue.

@jospoortvliet could you please ask someone to have a look on it?

Same here… Thanks for any feedback from the Nextcloud team!

Having the same problem here. Is all hope lost for the online scanner? Been broken for quite some time now.

Is working and was always working (scanning regulary here with every update)

Please see my post on that thread (post #14).