Nextcloud Security Scan down?

Hello, I have a question about Nextcloud Security Scan. Since the 09.05.2019 it is not possible to scan my website, even with repeated rescan. Is the server down? Are there technical problems? If so, a hint would be helpful.
many Greetings

Seems to work fine now, just checked and mine is still rated A+ :sunglasses:

But it still states the old Version and not 16.0.1 … so, the rescan does not show the new scan results.

For me, the scan of 2019-05-09 17:10:13 with version and A + is always displayed.
This suggests that the scan engine is not running. That’s why my request. The site has been updated to version 16 shortly after the last scan.

My site was last scanned at 2018-10-17 14:46:38 (Nextcloud and triggering re-scan doesn’t work :frowning:

@tflidd please have a look

I’m not running this service. @jospoortvliet can you have a look? If not, report it on the website bugtracker:

Same problem for me, re-scan doesn’t work. I filed

Many Thanks @mehturt. I do not have an account on Github :+1:

I think one of our devs made changes here, things should work again. let me know if not!

Thanks, now i have A+ again.

Nope, re-scan is not working.
My official last scan shows still the date “Scanned at 2019-05-11 07:57:48”

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Re-scan still not working, please advise.

Nextcloud Security Scan is working as expected. I did just a re-scan to test this.
Can it be that your server is blocking ( or maybe you have some rewrite rules in place which prevent the scan?

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Hi Tamsy,

Thanks for the confirmation that it is in fact working. I can start diagnosing my end now.

I’ve got the nextcloud VM running on a server that sits behind a reverse proxy. That shouldn’t be an issue since it just redirects traffic to the correct LAN IP. However, I’ve got my WAN IP sat behind cloudflare. Would cloudflare block this scan?

Many thanks for your response.