Nextcloud on Ubuntu Server 20.04 (Focal Fossa)

We just released what I consider to be a stable (like RC2) version of Nextcloud on Ubuntu Server 20.04.

EDIT: This is now stable!

Help with testing would be appreciated before we merge to master.

You can find it here:

The Github VM repo can be found here:

Some key features

  • PHP 7.4
  • PostgreSQL 12
  • Apache 2.4
  • Redis Memcache
  • SMB-client
  • LDAP
  • APCu (local cache)
  • OnlyOffice
  • Talk
  • Collabora
  • Full Text Search
  • Latest Nextcloud

Just downloaded!! Setting up on ESXi Server now…!! Let you know how it goes…

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how about webserver?

I’ve got an issue… Where do I report it?

Sorry forgot about that. It’s Apache 2.4.

We can keep all issues here. Normally it’s Github, but to make it easier for you guys, just post your findings here. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know it was cool with Postgres.

I don’t know if “cool” would be the correct word. Rather “superior”. At least in my book.

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I have less « mysql » errors/bugs since i migrate all my instances from MariaDB to PostgreSQL

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Hello Daniel,

I tested the .ova template using a live domain and public ip on VMWare Fusion. The installation when smoothly, however I did get a few issues with the options I selected:

  1. Installation of office reported ok in the installation, but when log into nextcloud browser after saving the require office extensions and trying to open a .odt document, I get a message " Onlyoffice cannot be reached. Please contact admin". I went to apps and notice that “Community Document Server” was not installed even though during the office installation it gave the impression it was installing, however when I try to download/enable from browser I get the following message "cURL error23: Failed writing body (9956!= 16360) (see

  2. The installation of talk failed, it detected that port 5749 was close, and I know is open.

  3. Samba shares failed during initial installation, did not detect the share directory i put.

So far everything else works fine.


Installation is much smoother than your previous, many tks for the great work! My server is up and running, but I cannot get self-signed certificates to work, so it is inaccessible to the Internet.

I am fairly new to NC and did not succeed with tls, probably because my free domain is through no-ip. The installation message suggests "Please try to run it again some other time […/]. But when I do so I get 6 errors like /var/scripts/ line 13/16/38/40/7/54/59: debug_mode: command not found, similar root_check, msg_box, ask_yes_or_no

When I installed NC via snap I was able to generate self-signed certificates with
sudo nextcloud.enable-https self-signed

How can I do this in the VM?

Strange, because everything checks out when I try it.

  1. Onlyoffice is a pretty huge file and the app server might be slow to download from, so the “bug” isn’t specific to the 20.04 VM, it’s just a Nextcloud thing in general. There have been reports about that before in the server repo afaik.
  2. I would say that’s impossible. The open port check happens externally, so if the port check says it’s closed, it’s closed. To be more specific, we check against - does it say closed there as well?
  3. That’s for @szaimen to answer. :slight_smile:

Thanks for testing!

Thanks for the feeback! :slight_smile:

You don’t need to generate a self signed certificate, it’s already configured and setup. We use the default ones in Ubuntu, and the Apache configs are already set up to use them if you don’t choose to generate a valid TLS certificate (which I highly recommend)

Thanks for testing!

@eced77 have you tried using the ipaddress of your smb-server like proposed:
//ip-address/share and can you ping the smb-server from your nextcloud-server?
Also, have you enabled smb3 for your smb-server?
On what OS is your smb-server running?
And can you mount the share from the smb-server successfully on another device?

Can a consumer get a discount on the new NexctCloud VM after testing and version completion? :wink:

I bought a 1 TB Nextcloud VM for € 38 on February 24, 2020 and another 500 GB Nextcloud VM for € 23.80 on April 1, 2020 because 1 TB was too big for me.

I’m just annoyed that I didn’t wait :wink:

You got a PM.

Guys, just made the release:

What is The VM username and Passowrd ?

username is “ncadmin”,Password is ?

I find it ,ncadmin’s Passowrd is “nextcloud”


Hello, i have an ubuntu server 18.04 with a running NC instance created with VM script installer.
Is it possible to upgrade all to 20.04?

Sure, you have multple options:

I have just tested the Ubuntu 20.04 (500GB), something is wrong with access from outside or with access via the domain.

I get the message: The website cannot be reached.

NC can be reached and works internally.

I will test the Ubuntu 18.04 again.