Nextcloud on Seagate Personal Cloud

I am a Seagate Personal Cloud user and I have OWNCLOUD 9.0.2 installed. I wanted to install Nextcloud on my Seagate, but I need a .RBW file. Can you ask for information on such a file or how to do it ?? Thanks for the answer

Hello Michal,
could you please describe your project on detail please. I am unsure what you want like to do.
If I am right you want to connect both clouds together?

hi, no, I do not mean connecting two clouds. I currently have OwnCloud installed, but I want to uninstall it and install Nextcloud. In Seagate Personal Cloud, I can install applications manually, but these can only be files with the extension RBW. I do not know where Nextcloud is. rbw i can get, or how to do ??


I also own a Seagate Personal Cloud and it comes with ownCloud ready to install (version 6.0.4), as an optional app. I would like to install Nextcloud instead of ownCloud.

I think I found where we can prepare a package for installation: Understanding Apps - Nas OS SDK

I’ll try it and I’ll report back.


I believe this is what he wants…

although I may have put it under the wrong section in the forums.


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Hi Abmac, I’ve tried to install the RBW manually and got an error. Would you please be able to explain how did you get this to work? Thanks

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