RBW file for Seagate Personal Cloud

OK. Here is a rwb file for use on the Seagate Personal Cloud running nextcloud 13.0.4


As you can see the file is shared from my Seagate Personal Cloud running this rbw file, so you can help me test it :slight_smile:

Some notes:

  1. This rbw file includes updates to the wheezy-lamp-1.2 base.
  2. It includes a new build of php 7.1.18, httpd-2.4.33 (plus apr-1.6.3, apr-util-1.6.1 and pcre-8.42 ). The later may or may not have been needed to build httpd and php7.
  3. So due to (2) you are not using the original web server, which required some changes to the setup files for apache2, which I have not really tested!!!
  4. There is a issue with the size of the rbw file which prevents installation if it is too big. This may just be some choice I made when I set up up personal cloud hardware. To meet this restriction I deleted some of the apache2 documentation files. I tried to keep the nextcloud documentation files however.
  5. Again no guarantee or warranty here. I did it for my own use and had to re-remember how to do this.
  6. If you have corrections or suggestions feel free to send them to me or just post here. However no promise that I will have time to follow up on either.
  7. I use mysql/mariadb so I haven’t tried the other database options.

O.K. How to use it is the same as before.
(a) Install the rbw.
(b) open it at /apps/nextcloud/nextcloud ( or /apps/nextcloud which will just send you to /apps/nextcloud/nextcloud. )
© Pick a admin name and password. ( your choice )
(d) Switch to mysql/mariadb option
(e) database user is root, password is baddog2, (my choice ). The database name is anything you wish, leave localhost alone.
(f) Click finish and wait until it times out.
(g) reload page and login using the admin name etc. in c. It takes a bit of time to set itself up so be patient and reload it until you get the login prompt.


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Debian wheezy? Is there nothing newer?

Not that I know of, at least provided by Seagate. My hardware is 2016 and while they ( Seagate ) have updated the firmware a few times it is still running an old software core on old hardware
$ uname -a
Linux absbox 3.10.72-svn18863 #1 Wed Mar 21 13:48:30 UTC 2018 armv7l GNU/Linux

People have created unofficial firmware to install Debian 9 ( stretch ) See https://wiki.debian.org/InstallingDebianOn/Seagate/PersonalCloud

But that would be a different game.

The only thing is that even the Long Term Support of wheezy run out last month:

It’s successor (jessie) was already release in 2015, so your system came with already old software.

Since there is a newer php, perhaps they are backporting patches but that is nothing I want to rely on especially when I think setting up a new system.

Jessie enters the LTS support cycle today. Not a great starting base either. In the case of Debian Wheezy I wouldn’t recommend to run anything based on an unsupported and deprecated OS running on the internet (except one pays extra money for ELTS support which surely isn’t cheap either and still just a transitional offer).

It is sad to see NAS manufacturers leaving behind unsupported junk which isn’t even that old actually. Kernel 3.10 isn’t supported since Nov 2017.

Before there was official support (release in 2015, then after 2 years, there is a new stable version and you have 1 more year to migrate).

Indeed. That’s the reason, I’d prefer openmediavault or FreeNAS and spend more money on the hardware. You can use this systems much longer and to upgrade hardware is often easier.

Hi AB (Alan),

I would like to give try your rbw for nextcloud on my Seagate Personal Cloud but the link that you have included here appears to be dead. Is there anyway you can include a new link if it is still available?


Hi Allan,

I’m tryin’ to change the config of my owncloud via ssh, but I don’t find the OS user/name.

Could you (or somebody else) help me to get the ssh credentials?


specifically I’m trying to change the config.php file because I have the following error:

“error”: “Trusted domain error.”,
“code”: 15

Help pls!

Finally I installed Nextcloud on my seagate, but, it’s old now… Anyone have the new version rbw? or any help converting the .tar to .rbw?

Any news, I try to install but after load de RBW say not possible to install. Any help to do it?
Do I have to update something?

I need to install on my Personalcloud Linux PersonalCloud 3.10.72-svn18863 #1 Thu Jan 17 08:16:55 UTC 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux an Apache and a MySql and MariaDb. I can go by SSH but when I do sudo apt install apache2 or sudo apt-get install apache2 say that apt o apt-get is not a comand? Any help please?

Dear Allan/abmac,

Thanks for creating a .rbw version (13.0.4) of Nextcloud to install on the Seagate Personal Cloud device. Are you able to create another newer/more current version of this please?