Nextcloud Office: Unable to Create File From Template

Noob here. Fresh install of Nextcloud 23.0.3. Installed Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server and Nextcloud Office. When I try to create a new document and choose any template, I get a message “unable to create file from template”. Can someone help me?

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  • check your nextcloud.log in /var/www or right side admin menu for errors.
  • check collabora documentation on their github
  • check their github repository for any related issues
  • search the forum for previous posts on the exact error
  • fill out the full support template found when you attempt to post to the #support category and add it to your post

Either copy paste all errors you have or use a pastebin. Technical details are king. Thanks.

Same problem, I can offer more informations :wink:

I also use NC 23.0.3 with installed CODE Server and NC Office.

I get the same error message, in my log file the following error is thrown:

“OC_Image::fixOrientation(): No image loaded”

My configuration so far:
NC 23.0.3
Gentoo Linux 2.7
PHP 8.0
OPCache and APCu installed

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Got the same issue as posted here: Nextcloud Office kann keine Dokumente aus Vorlage erzeugen