Nextcloud Office showing only Loading

Hey guys,

I just installed Nextcloud on an clean Ubuntu Server 22.04 via snap, selected to install the common Apps (Collabora included) to test Nextcloud Office, but when I clicked on the docsx help file for Nextcloud, but all I got was a loading page, nothing showed up, there are no errors, nothing in the logs, it just kept spinning, any ideas what can be happening?

I wish i had a log or something, bu tit never gave me anything and the people from the snap package for Nextcloud said they don’t support the Apps.



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I have the exact same issue.
Settings > Nextcloud Office set as ‘Use the build-in CODE - Collabora Online Development Edition’
GREEN circle with checkmark above says, “Collabora Online server is reachable”.

Same issue here
“Nextcloud Office” 6.2.0
“Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server” 22.5.502
Both are installed from within NextCloud web admin

My NextCloud is installed via Snap on a clean updated CentOS server

selinux on/off makes no difference

I want to help you help me too, just point me where to look for logs/errors because I don’t know this apps architecture enough even to debug it properly to see where it fail to connect
Web browser shows no errors

Creating new document or opening existing one leads to a same behavior - infinitely looping circle

p.s. I remember to encounter problem with NextCloud Office+CODE when I used installation script 1-3 years ago. It failed to simply work. I procured assistance from support company and they had trouble to make it work too. I feel as either there is something fundamentally wrong with these couple apps integration, or I do something fundamentally wrong both times, because other people - there are people for whom it just work out if the box aren’t there? As much as I …strive to avoid it, users had to go on using Google Docs because editing documents online was important. Hope we’ll win it over this time

Some issue here:
Odroid HC4, 4 Gb RAM, 512 Gb SATA SSD
Ubuntu 22.04.1 (upgraded from 20.04)
NextCloud 24.0.3snap1

I’ve had this issue for a while now and I have tried a lot but nothing seems to help.

I have, however, once seen an error (and I of course didn’t write it down, sorry, maybe in a log file maybe on screen after waiting for a really, really long time) and the message was something along the lines of Collabora not having access (authorization) to a temp directory.

I hope this might give someone a bright idea.

I can confirm that this is still happening in 11/7/2022. I installed nextcloud via snap in vmwere and in linode. I get the infinite loading screen when opening a document in Collabora. This is on ubuntu 22.04 LTS clean install

Still happening here too - driving me nuts :frowning:

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this - or at least figure out what is going on ?


Nextcloud via snap
Built-in CODE
Settings shows it can connect to CODE with “green tick”


“Loading …”