Nextcloud office integrate with Collabora on seperate server

I am running my nextcloud server on RaspPi4 and it runs fantastic. I would like to integrate with Collabora, but use a separate RaspPi4 for Collabora. I’ve searche around and all tutorials are for installing nextcloud and collabora on the same server. For separate servers, the docs are limited at best. I pick up a bit here and there, but nothing great.

My setup is as follows: ( all Pi4’s)
Server A runs reverse proxy (running SWAG nginx )
Server B runs nextcloud
Server C = new collabora Pi4 yet to be built

Currently, server A proxies https to nextcloud on server B. Works great. Is there a tutorial on how to setup collabora on server C? What special things do I need to do to get it working?

I surmise someone out there has a similar setup and hence I’m hoping to tap into some folks who have knowledge for this type of setup and can help me get this setup properly.

Thank you in advance!

Take a look at this picture. The only difference you have you need to make both applications to talk to each other through reverse proxy. Easiest way is in my eyes to use public hostnames everywhere and always use https - this way my installation works from the beginning (I use docker but the idea is the same). most important idea in this integration there is “triangle” between client, Nextcloud and Collabora - and this triangle must be constant (in terms same FQDN from each point of view)

The setup was surprisingly simple. All the tutorials I’ve read online show having to add a lot of nginx code to reverse proxy, but this is for collabora and nextcloud on same server. Ended up not having to do any of that. I only had to change the https upstream to http since I’m terminating SSL at the reverse proxy. Also had to remove the double slashes in the domain and server name params. The double slashes didn’t work for compose.

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Glad to hear you are successful.

double slashes used in docker run command from the shell - because otherwise the shell “eats” the slashes.

I ended up slightly tweaking my setup, putting collabora on same server as proxy, but still separate from nextcloud server. Even with just RaspPi’s the performance is snappy. Only slowness I’ve noticed so far is opening the function dialog in the spreadsheet. For some reason that dialog is slow to respond. But, otherwise very happy with the performance.

Also, worth mentioning that the admin site URL mentioned in numerous online tutorials has been changed per collabora support to:

the URL has changed for the latest COOL variant.
it is