Nextcloud Office doesn´t work with NC23

Hello, I updated my Cloud from NC22 to NC23, but unfortunately now Nextcloud Office (Callobora) doesnt work. If I try to open a .docx Document, NC23 downloads the file and doesnt open it. With NC22 it worked without problems. What can I do? At Settings i get the information that the Collabora Online Server is connected.

Hey @benkeating and welcome to the userforums of NC.

It’s nice that you’re here and want to participate in the nextcloudproject…
First step to it would have been: searching for possible and/or existing solutions. you could use the :mag: in upper right corner to search this forum, e.g.

I did that for you and the very first hit was NC23: How to enable Nextcloud Office

so maybe you could find help there.