Nextcloud Office and Collabora built in code server arm64 [snap], do not work in Nextcloud 27.1.8 (and previous versions)

Hi, Nextcloud Office and Collabora built in code server arm64, do not work.
Since version 25 (I think) of Nextcloud this plugin doesn’t work: I can’t open office files.
It seems really strange to me that this problem was not resolved with the Nextcloud and plugin updates. I think it’s a really important bug!! What can be done?? Thank you

The problem is often reported and often the root cause is the system misconfiguration. I would recommend working through many existing threads collabora-built-in

If you don’t find the problem you will learn which data you must attach here to receive help.

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I’m seeing in the various requests for help that there hasn’t been a resolution to the problem. I should be in this case Nextcloud-Office: non stop circling `loading yxz.docx ...` but I don’t know what to do… how do you solve it??
I would be grateful if anyone could find a step by step solution to this!! Thank you

When you visit https://domain.tlf/apps/richdocumentscode_arm64/proxy.php?req=/hosting/discovery what happens?

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Thank you for answering
The browser tells me:
404 Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server.
What do I have to do?

What installation method did you use? Do you have any custom apps folders configured?

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I installed Nextcloud via Snap. I’ve been doing this for years and Office/Collabora has always worked. At some point since the 24/25 version of NC, Office/Collaborate no longer worked. I only customized the Notes app folders (but after that it didn’t work anymore).

You didn’t mention Snap before. Snap is a unique beast. :slight_smile:

At least one possibility, is that there is some weirdness involving Snap / FUSE / underlying library versions[1]. I haven’t dug into the details too heavily since I no longer have any arm64 instances myself. There’s also a Wiki the Snap folks keep fairly up-to-date[2].

[1] Not starting anymore since v23.5.5 (arm64) · Issue #226 · CollaboraOnline/richdocumentscode · GitHub

[2] Configure CODE and Nextcloud office for Nextcloud snap · nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap Wiki · GitHub