Nextcloud offers CalDav Synchronizer for Outlook users

sure thing you created it. just wanted to let ppl know about the (german) crossposting… since sometimes it’s kinda difficult to keep track about everything.

Meanwhile, I found out, that even if I import a VCF 3 File containing the Informations about Spouse and anniversary, its ignored (or not shown) in nextcloud…

Most likely because custom fields are used instead of standardized fields :wink:

I am not shure, how CalDac Synchronizer works here.
If the software makes a vcard-File out of all the outlook-contacts, it should be able to include the fields in the right way.

Meanwhile I found the switch to include the anivarsary. So “only” the spouse is failing to be synced now…

Thank you for this great step-by-step-tutorial!

Unfortunately I don’t get any tasks from my Nextcloud instance displayed within Outlook, my calendars work fine. Can anyone help me here?

Thank in advance!