Is there any way to sync my outlookcalendars (from my office) with my private nextcloud without installing any ms-software

@manijeff have you found a cal syncing solution that works without me needing to install outlook on my hardware?

You mean like Thunderbird? The Lightning plugin (which is shipped by default with Thunderbird) is capable of synchronizing calendar entries of Nextcloud via CalDAV afaik.

Unfortunately not. I have considered exploring crafting a solution myself, but I have not allocated time to explore the options. There may be code available, but I don’t know if there are licensing issues with the EAS/EWS access.

There is a PlugIn for Thunderbird: TBSync and its companion DAV-4-TBSync.
Its documented in

It syncs calendars and contacts.

I think Thunderbird supports CalDAV (Calendar) natively in the meantime. For CardDAV (Contacts) i use the “Cardbook” extension.

I also used Cardbook before. TBSync integrates more smoothly into Thunderbird and the developer states, he is in close contact with the Thunderbird team to integrate it in TB natively.
So for me, going with TBSync seems to be more looking forward.

No, syncing my local calendar with nextcloud is easy. I mean syncing nextcloud calendar with outlook, without having to install microsoft stuff on my hardware.

The plugin mentioned in this blog post requires having outlook installed on your machine, which my co-workers wont do out of lazyness, and I cant do for security reasons.

ummm. You are referring to or exchange or what exactly? Since it can’t refer (for logical reasons) to outlook-software itself.

Regardless of what exactly you mean I, myself, think it’ll turn out as pretty hard work to code such a thing yourself.

this is a great question, sorry for not clarifying.

I am not super familiar with microsoft offerings, and I dont know if they use exchange, but the users I am working with use a web browser to access their outlook email, so I am assuming some premium version of outlook, because they have a email address.

I’ve tried on several occasions to get them to install the actual outlook software with the syncroniser, but after a couple of weeks of gentle nudging they asked if we could schedual an inperson meeting so I could walk them through how to install it. and of course they wont give me remote access, or use modern conferencing software like jitsi . Its in person or nothin, cuz that means they can just watch and nod along while I do it, essentially.

head desk. I live in a different country. Also, you know, covid. gah.

I have an outlook account myself, so all i really need to do is sync my outlook calendar with nextcloud, then I can (hopefully) share that calendar, which should work. It can be complicated and weird and time consuming for me as long as if for them its as simple as clicking accept on a system they allready use.

Problem is, as I said, I cant actually install any microsoft stuff on my own hardware.

just another question… are you able to access your stuff via win 10 mail/calendars? if yes that might be a way to sync your stuff to/with NC… would at least be worth a try.

No, for security reasons relating to my home country being run by assholes who target people like me and corperations generally being willing to comply with “lawful” orders from said opprssive regimes, I dont install or use software from corpos that dont let me build their software from source.

understandable… and I don’t question that.

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Have there been any updates with this? I’ve tried a couple different things (fiddled with google calendar and zapier) but none have really worked.

Seems like this is pretty important if Nextcloud is going to expand its install base. Nextcloud calendars, contacts etc works well for all of my personal needs but frustratingly I cannot integrate my company/work info.

There was an API to access the calendar:

There is a newer, not sure if there are some limits to it. With that, shouldn’t it be possible to build something like this app but for Outlook: Google integration - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

@tflidd problem is: there’s only one-way syncs possible with the app you mentioned.

I dunno if that would be desireable for TS since every chanfe he’d made on NC-side of the calendar would be visible only there and not being synced back to this outlook-thing.

Well if there is an API, you could also program it differently. This won’t be a main interest for Nextcloud itself to allow two-way sync but if someone wants to program this, why not…

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Tru dat …!