Nextcloud Notes could adopt NextNote and overhaul their app to support WYSIWYG, attach any file, and more!

NextNote is a very nice notes app formerly known as ownNote. It works great with Nextcloud 13, but is basically unmaintained and currently not listed in the appstore. Nextcloud Notes is our universal standard, which includes very few features. It would be amazing for the Nextcloud Notes team to adopt and directly integrate an already fantastic app per feature request #183, which adds many features they have only dreamed of in their backlog for years…

  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Drag and drop
  • Attach any file in your Nextcloud
  • Embed media
  • Import evernote files
  • Export as html
    And more!

This would not only massively upgrade the app, but bring default Notes closer to being a true Evernote replacement as we’ve discussed here for some time.

Example Image A, with photos added by drag and drop!

Example Image B, with table added by copy and paste.


Check out this post on possible Joplin integration with NextNote serving as a web client back end.

I’m also interested in Joplin Full Integration, as of now you can have encrypted Joplin notes synced to the Nextcloud server, but I’m not aware of any way to have them decrypted and integrate with the Nextcloud official Notes App, at the very least I would think that it would not be hard to integrate the open-source joplin code that allows for the decryption of the files through the use of the established password to be added into Nextcloud, But I’m not a programmer So I wouldn’t know :)…

You can add a thumbs up on Github to encourage the Joplin dev to release documentation for the Jex file format. Further integration will not be possible without it.

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