Nextcloud & Microsoft Office Online Server


I would like to ask if Nextcloud has plans to connect with Microsoft Office Online Server in the future ?

Microsoft Office Online Server:

We have some customers interested so we might help them out, but I’m not sure it becomes a Nextcloud feature, sorry. If you need this, I suggest to contact sales.

You can also look at this :

I’m very interested as well. I have Office Online Server running and would greatly benefit using that as an editor for documents in Nextcloud 14. Are there still no plans to develop an app to support this? I’d be interested in helping to develop an app.

Your join is very exciting!!

I’m also very interested into this feature for our company server. Any update about it recently and/or during the Enterprise Day of Nextcloud?

Same here. Would love this feature. Owncloud just announced the release of it. A shame to see something there that is not also part of Nextcloud. :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone .any news about integration with MS ?

If anyone is still trying to do that it works with the WOPI application in the NextCloud store :slight_smile:

i found this app in the app store:
has anyone tried it with MS Online Server?

Amazing that i flew under my radar till today!