Nextcloud & Microsoft Office Online Server


I would like to ask if Nextcloud has plans to connect with Microsoft Office Online Server in the future ?

Microsoft Office Online Server:

We have some customers interested so we might help them out, but I’m not sure it becomes a Nextcloud feature, sorry. If you need this, I suggest to contact sales.

You can also look at this :

I’m very interested as well. I have Office Online Server running and would greatly benefit using that as an editor for documents in Nextcloud 14. Are there still no plans to develop an app to support this? I’d be interested in helping to develop an app.

Your join is very exciting!!

I’m also very interested into this feature for our company server. Any update about it recently and/or during the Enterprise Day of Nextcloud?

Same here. Would love this feature. Owncloud just announced the release of it. A shame to see something there that is not also part of Nextcloud. :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone .any news about integration with MS ?

If anyone is still trying to do that it works with the WOPI application in the NextCloud store :slight_smile:

i found this app in the app store:
has anyone tried it with MS Online Server?

Amazing that i flew under my radar till today!


I tried it as stated one post before yours. It’s working BUT it’s painfully slow and it does not open most documents created with OnlyOffice for some unknown reasons…

Can’t wait for a real solution as most of my users are dying for word and excel.

People at my company are complaining about Onlyoffice as needed features are not available: Pivot, Checkboxes etc…

At the same time Nextcloud is missing development of Virtual Drive, so that we can use installed MS Office properly.

Outcome is that Company Leadership is questioning Nextcloud as a whole. Bad, but true.

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100% correct. Virtual drive would be a great solution, even better if the integration of Office Online would work properly

Is there someone else who used MS Office Online Server an is happy with the integration?

Did you try the wopi Integration?


We are currently using Nextcloud and Microsoft Office Online Server.
it works very well !

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How were you able to get it to work? I’ve been having issues getting the two to connect.

Finally got it working ! Since Nextcloud 18.0.2 and reinstalling WOPI it actually works normally… Some .doc files do not open at all but all .docx work as expected. No problems with excel.

No more speed issues !!! Running a test for a week before putting this into production but we’re getting closer to happy users :slight_smile:

If someone figures out how to make it behave like sharepoint and open files directly in Word / Excel and others it would be awesome !


@Steel_PC How would you prefer to provide this app MS office online in nextcloud apps for your users? Would your app be connected directly to MS server or to your own server for free in nextcloud apps?

I use my own Office Online Server behind Haproxy. Planning to scale it up to two OOS servers soon :slight_smile:

I’d rather host all the services I provide.