Nextcloud & Microsoft Office Online Server

Can anyone how run Nextcloud + Microsoft Office Online Server provide a working howto or a config ? I try since few days but I get only a white screen. On OWA and Sharepoint the OOS runs very good but on nextcloud I cen’t get it work.

I have it running now and it’s been over 10 days :slight_smile:

My setup is OOS behind haproxy (does the SSL termination) and WOPI extension in Nextcloud. OOS setup is pretty straight forward and should not change if working correctly with Sharepoint. Do you have any errors (like certificate or something else).

Are you using a self-signed certificate ?

Yes at us the same:

We use OPNsense with HAProxy for SSL Term, Internal is a AD Domain, an OOS Version 2018 with all Updates on WS2016, Internal Certs are form the Windows CA, but the Internal Root CA Cert is in the Truststore of the CentOS 8 Box where Nextcloud runs. The Nextcloud box have internal a cert form the Windows CA - External LE. No SSL Errors. Set like the same on OWA or SP.

How you set the URL ?


or without :443 ?

And I use this App:

I use no :443

please help me to deploy server office

please help me

What is your actual setup ?

I am also needing information on the exact process to integrate Office Online server 2019 proplus with next cloud 18.
Current setup is nextcloud 18 using only office community (another vm). But our organization pays for office 365 as well as licenses for office online server. I have the office online server running in clean server 2019 hypverv vm, but I need help configuring it and nextcloud. I have tried to use the wopi plugin for nextcloud, but am not having any luck. I am not familiar with wopi at all and am very new to linux system administration. I always receive the office “something went wrong” error in the iframe within nextcloud and am not sure how to diagnose or fix the problem. Any help and instruction on the exact process to achieve integration of office 2019 online server and nextcloud 18 would be greatly appreciated!!!

Edit: nextcloud is using signed cert from let’s encrypt certbot. OOS is using signed wildcard cert from official certificate authority that we use in our organization. We do not currently use sharepoint at all.
OOS was deployed by using the instructions here…
wopi plugin installed via nextcloud webgui. url set to within office online settings area of nextcloud.

what am I missing?

So I now lost 5 days more… :frowning:

I setup a new lab ad domain with oos and nextcloud 18 and 19 try really all but I get everytime a blank page and the notification that “Office Online could not be loaded - Please try again later” !?

So I setup it in a DMZ with real LE Certs and the same.

I try put off SELinux and Firewall, try http and https everytime the same blank page ?

For “Fun” I install an Exchange and a Sharepoint and both runs perfectly with OOS so where the fault ?

the url ends everytime “…index.php/apps/wopi/edit/23?” !?

How had an Office Online Server on primse and have it intigrate into Nextcloud and can post pics or a real Howto, please ?

Many thanks and best regards

Do NC servers have proper SSL certs as well as OOS?

I haven’t done this (although interested!) but NC will not connect to other
office servers - OnlyOffice and Collabora - unless all of them are SSL’d…

Yes sure, I tested first both with Windows CA certs and add the CA in the trust store of my CentOS NC box and then I tested it with new fresh VMs in the DMZ I tested it both with LE certs and both had different public IPs so I think that Windows OOS have LE in trusstore like CentOS has it.

But last night I do a step forward I see that the WOPI App don’t write any configs (not in conf file and not in the database) now I confire them manual and now I see in the logs of both that they try to connect… the next week if I have some free time I start a new test.

The strange thing is that it works with ownCloud immediately, but unfortunately our extensions are tailored to NextCloud and I find that I like the proprietary software from Microsoft more than this Docker Blackbox from CODE. Also we have already licensed OOS in the company because of SP and EXCH.

I already managed to do the installation and configuration, now I am somewhat confused to make it work on the perto 443, I have never installed an ssl on the win server

You have it run functionaly on port 80, so that you can edit .docx and .xlsx files in NC ?

You can easy import an pfx/p12 with double click and than Install or you use mmc command on cmd and than you must use certificate snap-in -> local Computer Account -> own certificates -> after that you have the choose of Import or request a cert. After that you ran the Set-OfficeWebAppsFarm with cert parameter.

look at how sharepoint generates its links… if you manually create one but pointing to the nextcloud ressource it actually works (also saving → Nextcloud does)…
Now we just need someone to write an app for it.
this shouldn’t be to complicated as it’s only a “client-side” feature.