Nextcloud Linux AppImage 2.5.1 - Can't sync Time Out after 16Kb

Hello to the community :
I have on the same LAN a Nextcloud Server 15.0.5 with PHP 7.3 - Redis Caching
A Linux Client on Ubuntu Desktop with the AppImage 2.5.1
Since one week i have a lot of time out, i canno’t sync anymore

Here is the log of the client : ||Shares/NAMEOFTHEFILE |INST_SYNC|Up|1551280510|77bec449170ec48b514c612970563d73|14312844|00335002oce51kywo5gm|1|Connection timed out|0|13138386|1539783918||||

Here is the log on the server : {"reqId":"DDz2hGKr49YtHW8dY0Tw","level":4,"time":"2019-02-28T17:22:28+01:00","remoteAddr":"","user":"cloud","app":"webdav","method":"PUT","url":"\/remote.php\/dav\/files\/cloud\/Shares\/NAME OF THE FILE ", "message":{"Exception":"Sabre\\DAV\\Exception\\BadRequest", "Message":"expected filesize 2212366 got 212992", "Code":0,"Trace": [{"file":"\/var\/www\/nextcloud\/apps\/dav\/lib\/Connector\/Sabre\/Directory.php", "line":156,"function":"put", "class":"OCA\\DAV\\Connector\\Sabre\\File", "type":"->","args":[null]}, {"file":"\/var\/www\/nextcloud\/3rdparty\/sabre\/dav\/lib\/DAV\/Server.php","line":1096,"function":"createFile", "class":"OCA\\DAV\\Connector\\Sabre\\Directory", "type":"->","args":["NAME OF THE FILE",null]}, {"file":"\/var\/www\/nextcloud\/3rdparty\/sabre\/dav\/lib\/DAV\/CorePlugin.php","line":525,"function":"createFile", "class":"Sabre\\DAV\\Server", "type":"->","args":["files\/cloud\/Shares\NAME OF THE FILE",null,null]},{"function":"httpPut","class":"Sabre\\DAV\\CorePlugin", "type":"->","args":[{"absoluteUrl":"https:\/\/URL\/remote.php\/dav\/files\/cloud\/Shares\NAME OF THE FILE","__class__":"Sabre\\HTTP\\Request"}, {"__class__":"Sabre\\HTTP\\Response"}]}, {"file":"\/var\/www\/nextcloud\/3rdparty\/sabre\/event\/lib\/EventEmitterTrait.php","line":105, "function":"call_user_func_array", "args":[[{"__class__":"Sabre\\DAV\\CorePlugin"},"httpPut"], [{"absoluteUrl":"https:\/\/URL \/remote.php\/dav\/files\/cloud\/Shares\NAME OF THE FILE","__class__":"Sabre\\HTTP\\Request"}, {"__class__":"Sabre\\HTTP\\Response"}]]}, {"file":"\/var\/www\/nextcloud\/3rdparty\/sabre\/dav\/lib\/DAV\/Server.php","line":479,"function":"emit","class":"Sabre\\Event\\EventEmitter", "type":"->","args":["method:PUT",[{"absoluteUrl":"https:\/\/URL\/remote.php\/dav\/files\/cloud\/Shares\/NAME OF THE FILE","__class__":"Sabre\\HTTP\\Request"}, {"__class__":"Sabre\\HTTP\\Response"}]]}, {"file":"\/var\/www\/nextcloud\/3rdparty\/sabre\/dav\/lib\/DAV\/Server.php","line":254,"function":"invokeMethod","class":"Sabre\\DAV\\Server", "type":"->","args":[{"absoluteUrl":"https:\/\/URL\/remote.php\/dav\/files\/cloud\/SharesNAME OF THE FILE","__class__":"Sabre\\HTTP\\Request"}, {"__class__":"Sabre\\HTTP\\Response"}]}, {"file":"\/var\/www\/nextcloud\/apps\/dav\/lib\/Server.php","line":301,"function":"exec","class":"Sabre\\DAV\\Server", "type":"->","args":[]},{"file":"\/var\/www\/nextcloud\/apps\/dav\/appinfo\/v2\/remote.php","line":35,"function":"exec","class":"OCA\\DAV\\Server", "type":"->","args":[]},{"file":"\/var\/www\/nextcloud\/remote.php","line":163,"args":["\/var\/www\/nextcloud\/apps\/dav\/appinfo\/v2\/remote.php"], "function":"require_once"}], "File":"\/var\/www\/nextcloud\/apps\/dav\/lib\/Connector\/Sabre\/File.php","Line":217,"CustomMessage":"--"}, "userAgent":"Mozilla\/5.0 (Linux) mirall\/2.5.1final (build 20181204) (Nextcloud)","version":""}

Can someone help me ?
Other clients are on Windows client and don’t have problems

It’s linked with this, nobody have a fix ?

Same here, running the 2.5.1git on two Kubuntu 18.04 machines. While I can download one GByte from the Web-Interface within one minute, the client needs over an hour for smaller files. Sometimes it stalls right at the beginning - but my magic number seems to be 32 Kb before the inevitable timeout (instead of your 16 :wink: )
But most often it already seems to hang while preparing the sync (“bereite Synchronisiation vor…”). This state can last hours without any network traffic or noticeable load on the server.

The frustrating part is, that I suspected my freshly setup NextCloudPi-Server and spend most of my weekend installing it again and again. Until I discovered here and in the git issue tracker that the problem most likely is with the client. Godspeed to those fixing it.

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At least for me I found a WORKAROUND:

I changed the connection to http without SSL and suddenly it works like a breeze. Downloads have up to 30 MByte/s and Uploads, depending on the amount of files half of that. The scan for changes and the preparation for actual sync are faster than I can read the status messages. And the snyc itself is rocksolid, without any errors, even with two clients uploading and one downloading at the same time. The occasional conflict or LOCKED-error gets resolved within a minute or two without my intervention. The setup just chewed through some 20 Gig/ 20.000 files in about two hours.

Now I know why I upgraded from a Pi to the HC-2 :star_struck:

Sure, dropping SSL is a risk. But for a limited time (until SSL works) and in the confined security of my home LAN it is acceptable and I value my time even more than the security of my files.

you should use version 2.3.3 that don’t have this bug and you should still stay in https