Nextcloud iOS App not working - Access Forbidden Invalid request


i’ve installed a self hosted nextcloud instance with an reverse proxy before. Then i tried to connect with my iOS Nextcloud App but i got the error “Access Forbidden Invalid request”. I also tried to connect the app with an App-Token but this also doesn´t worked.

Does anyone know what this could be? The linux client and as well the windows client are working properly.

Thanks in advance!

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I am experiencing something similar. Although, for me I CAN login with an app-token, tested both the ‘Nextcloud’ and the ‘Nextcloud Talk’ iPhone app, but normal username/password login still gives ‘Access Forbidden - Invalid Request’.

My research has produced these two links, but neither seem to supply a working fix of any kind:

I also looked through the code quickly and found that the error is likely generated in ./core/Controller/ClientFlowLoginController.php - The comment for this section of code has the following ‘No valid clientIdentifier given and no valid API Request (APIRequest header not set)’.

I have thought of headers, tokens, security-transport settings but really nothing I have tried has made any difference. The logs are also offering nothing very concrete - in fact, it almost looks like the process goes according to plan - except for one thing maybe:

There are 2 redirect GET entries with the clientIdentifier string. The first one produces a HTTP/1.1" 301 and the second one a HTTP/2.0" 303.

It may be expected behavior but it’s all that I have to go on.

Anybody have any suggestions?

Hi !

Hmmmm I had a similar issue but when my iDevice was connect in WIFI on my lan.

The problem was from the bruteforce security whos block the internal IP. I had to remove alls the entry in the oc_bruteforce table database who’s contained my LAN ip.

If you have this issue whitout WIFI, Try to connect in WIFI and try again.