Nextcloud iOs app not autouploading in background

Hello, the autoupload in the background is not working. I have checked all the settings and this is ok. For the auto upload to run, I need to open the app on my iPhone.

I expect it to be:
Capture an image > Lock my phone > Autoupload works in the background

But it happens like this for it to work:
Capture image > Open nextcloud app > Autoupload runs

Anyone having the same issue as me? Thank you.

hi @HHUBS and welcome to the userforums of NC.

I’m afraid you haven’t really used the built-in searchfunction of this forum or you would have found out easily that there already ARE threads about this very problem (like this one )… regardless of that your thread is missing all neccessary information to receive a vaild answer to that.

Thus I’m gonna close this thread immediately now and ask you to find another one where you can add your question/comments.

thank you for your understanding.