iOS Foto (Auto) Upload


i have trouble with the IOS App, the Auto Upload would not work,
when i took a new Photo, it will never be uploaded, even when i pull tghe window to manualy to refresh.

Did Anybody have an idea?

Hey Nextcloud Team you have definitiv a problem with pictures - if i can not add an 90kb screenshot (png) to this thread to show you my settings :wink:

Hi Brave!
I also have the ios app. This is just a guess, but perhaps there is a limitation in iOS and its background activities. Whenever you open the app it will auto upload the images, right?
That is how I use it.

I have not enabled it myself, but there is a setting “Automatic uploading in the background” in the app. There is also settings for Nextcloud in the Settings app. I suggest you set Location to Always and enable “App activities in background”. (Not sure about the exact names for the settings since I don’t use English locale). I guess this may increase battery usage. Please try this and report back how it goes!

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From my point of view you have a problem with pictures. On your iPhone and here :wink:

It is working here with the latest v4.0.4 on eight devices. 6 are different models. Please re-check your settings and see previous post from @hasse


@hasse: even when i open the nextcloud App (pull down for manual sync) it will not show or upload new taken Fotos taken just before i took it with my iPhone (12 Pro - newest iOS Version). In LTE or WLAN Mode with Power Cable plugged in or out it’s evers time the same :-/

Here some Screenshots (the picture upload on this Forum doese’nt Work for me also :-/)

@Brave , sorry for my late reply.

We have same settings (except storage location and I also enabled Wifi-only). I just tried today (using version 4.0.6 of the app and NC 20.0.11, iphone 8/ios 14.6) and it got uploaded automatically after a while.

Before I had background upload disabled so I did it semi-manually by opening the app. Instantly it looked for new photos and videos and started the upload. In your case, if it doesn’t even recognize new photos when you launch the app there must be something else that is wrong.

@Brave how is it going?
Are you still having problems?

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