Nextcloud iOS app login fails


I’ve been having a strange issue signing in on iOS devices. I have a newly-created Nextcloud setup with a NGINX reverse proxy in front. When I try to sign in to the iOS app using my password, I see “Access Forbidden Invalid request.” When I try signing in via token, I only see a white screen with the close button – No error message. The interesting thing is when I look at my HTTP logs, I can see perfect HTTP 200 status codes being returned and the device shows up in settings, so it looks to be a bug with the iOS app. However, I have an old Nextcloud setup that works just fine with the iOS app, but this one does not have a reverse proxy nor HTTPS. (it was behind a VPN)

  1. This indicates that there is a problem with the reverse proxy. Which mistakes could cause this and what should I check for?
  2. Where could I locate logs for the Nextcloud iOS app which would seriously help my debugging process?

Thank you!



I have similar issues, except that I don’t get any error messages from the app in any case. Since I am also running a reverse proxy, I do wonder if the app login problem is somehow related to that. Would be nice to get an official response.



Indeed… I found that clicking on “Revert to old login method” makes it possible to sign in, but an official bugfix would be great.



Hi veryone,

I have a similar problem to theses folowing :

I installed a brand new nextcloud Official VM server from hanssonIT, everything works well with iOS App when open 80/443 ports on my router directly redirected to this VM.

The problem is when ports are redirected to my Synology NAS using the intergrated reverse proxy to access the nextcloud portal.
It seems that other people face the same probleme with a classical nginx revers proxy.

To be more precise, everything is ok behind the synology reverse proxy through a brower, the problem is only with the mobile iOS App.

Is anyone already saw/solved this issue ?