Nextcloud iOS app crashes repeatedly when uploading whole camera roll

I am using the Nextcloud iOS App on iOS 15.4.1 (iPhone SE 2nd gen). When I enable the “Upload the whole camera roll” option in the “Auto upload” settings, the app crashes after a few moments.

If I re-open the app I can see that the setting has been remembered, but it simply crashes again a few moments later. This might be the same “iOS upload all photos making app crashing. Files are stuck pending upload” issue reported in November 2020.

I have around 4000 photos on my iPhone, which I don’t think is that big a number.

I doubt it matters, but the Nextcloud server is running in an Ubuntu 20.04 VM on my LAN. It was installed using snap.

Nextcloud setup will 100% matter if you want help figuring out this issue. Depending on your server specs + number of users those 4000 photos could be a deal breaker. Please fill out this support template

Check the ios developer github issues.

If you cannot find your issue, trying filing a new one. You’ll need to include logs and other pertinent info so they can help you.

I have to disagree here. It shouldn’t matter what the server does or how it performs, the app on my client device should not crash out. It would be fine if it reported that the server timed out or something, but not just crash. In this instance the server VM has allocated to it: 8GiB ram, 4 cores (Intel Xeon CPU), and 100GiB NVMe.

I’ll go ahead and look through the GitHub for the Nextcloud iOS app and see if this has been reported already (and if not I’ll open an issue there myself). Thanks for the link.

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The same behavior is happening with the app for android, my photo library has around 12.000 files, it is constantly crashing. I think this only happen with some large libraries.

As suggested I looked in the github issue tracker. I found a few reports that sound very similar so I’ve subscribed to those:

Unfortunately some of these reports date back over a year.

I had this issue as well.
To solve the constant crashing, i had to disable auto upload. That stopped the crashing.

I still wanted my files up, so enable auto upload again, this time the “whole camera roll” was disabled by default. I chose to disable upload videos for now and only upload photos. Then enable the “whole camera roll”. Wait for it to create it’s archive, and then let it upload your photos. After photos are done, you can enable videos too.

This helped for me at least.