Nextcloud in freenas PHP5.5 update issues

The people in the freenas community have been unable to help me…
I am wondering why I am unable to update my nextcloud in freenas
I am using the built in jail for nextcloud in freenas 11.1.
I keep getting a error about having PHP5.5 and need to update to PHP 5.6
Am i waiting for an update from nextcloud or freenas and how can I remedy this issue

Are you referring to this topic?

From Nextcloud point of view, you need to update your php version to 5.6 (or higher). The linked topic gives a few hints. Did you install the jail yourself or is this some pre-installed app inside FreeNAS? In this case, you should contact the maintainer/repository of this app.

I am referring to that topic…
I am using the pre-installed app inside freenas

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Did you find a solution for you? We didn’t provide the packages for this plugin and the linked topic in the freenas-forum tells you the available options. Unless the person who provided the packages steps in here and helps you out, there is not much we can do here. That’s a bit of a problem with all these packages out there, that you really depend on their maintainer.

Does anyone know how to manually update php?

We are no FreeNAS experts here and I’m not sure there are many people who know how the packaging for an app there works. The other forum was a much better place but from the responses I read it looked like you depend a bit on the maintainer of this Nextcloud app in FreeNAS.

The Nextcloud plugin for FreeNAS seems to be a bit outdated. Here is a guide to install Owncloud manually on FreeNAS, the installation process should be mostly similar for Nextcloud:

Anyway, to be able to install the latest version of Nextcloud a manual install with the official tarball seems to be a much better idea than to rely on a 3rd-party plugin that is not well maintained.