Help setting up on FreeNas and IOS

Hello everyone,

I have followed this guide to install and setup Nextcloud on FreeNas:

And got it running and was able to update to from 10.0.1 to 10.0.6 but can’t go any further unless PHP is updated (I don’t know if that is a problem or not). I have the latest IOS app installed and am able to connect to the server but I keep getting the errors below when trying to refresh. No files or folders are showing up in the app.

I can’t get it to sync photos either. I have adjusted the settings as follows:

  1. In the Upload settings, the destination folder is set to “/”. I have tried to change it by choosing to use the Photos folder as a destination but it keeps reverting. If I select the “/” to change it, it gives me the 405 error as above

  2. In auto upload, I have enabled just about every setting but when I enable “Upload the whole camera roll” it gives me the error “Error creating subfolders”.

I do not have https or ssh set up. I just want to get it working internally first but I would like to have remote access eventually.

As for the web app, it seems to be functioning correctly. I added an external storage where our photos are located and I can browse to them within the web app just fine. I just can’t get the IOS app to connect or upload anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

NC 10 is not supported any more. I’m not sure if the client implemented things that are not compatible with NC 10 or if you are missing something in your server configuration. To check the server, I would first test the web-interface, then native webdav access (cyberduck, winscp, …) and then the desktop client. There it is much easier to obtain meaningful errors than the mobile apps. Regarding the not allowed methods, this could be for example some required HTTP verbs (PUT, GET, PROPFIND, …) are not allowed on your webserver.

I wouldn’t start too much debugging on NC 10 since there won’t be any fixes and potential problems could already been fixed in newer versions.

So it sounds like it might be easier to do a manual install of the latest NC version and then see if the mobile app works instead of doing all this testing on an unsupported version.

Unless you feel that those errors have more to do with FreeNas settings, which I realize I probably won’t get help for here.

Especially the FreeNAS app is not maintained at the moment (you could perhaps migrate everything out of this app on a manual install):