NextCloud images for VMware or VirtualBox



Hello forum

Is there a way to explore the capabilities of NextClould without the need to install all the required components under Linux, e.g. by using/downloading a "ready to use VMware- or VirtualBox-image?

Surprisingly i was unable to find such images on the web… Are such images not available or do they have a special name?

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Have a look at


if you can enter two lines on the command line and wait 10-15 minutes you’ll have nc installed ready to log in.

see also here for the next version nc15


There is also Nacho’s NCP VM


Thank you very much splitt3r for the help!



You can get several other versions of the Nextcloud VM here:

That is if you run Hyper-V, or just want a pre-configured larger sized VM to start with. It’s built with the same scripts as the one from Github as T&M Hansson IT provides the main VM for Nextcloud.


Thank’s guys for the helpful feedback!

What could the reason that many different “providers” do offer such NextCloud images? Do they contain eva-versions of plug-ins?

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The main “official” version of the Nextcloud VM is the one I linked. Then there are many others that forked that repo or made their own installation scripts due to their own preference. Maybe some people do is as a way of learning (I did a few years back), and some people maybe want to use “cutting-edge” dependencies, and some people may have other reasons.

There are equally amount of opinions as there are people and everyone doesn’t like exactly the same stuff.

My two cents…