Nextcloud Hub II 24beta2 and Desktop client RC's for testing!

Hi all!

The desktop team is about to release a second RC of the desktop client v3.5 and the server team made beta2 available last Friday, so it’s testing time!

Find the client releases here, including changelogs.

Changelog for 24.0.0beta2 is below, download is on (bottom right) or our download server.

Note that for 24, a LOT of PR’s (160 as of this writing) are still open - help with reviewing and merging is super welcome. It’s bad weather anyway, so what else are you going to do than help your favorite FOSS project?

Nextcloud 24 Milestone · GitHub for the server PR’s that need review - look in github for other repo’s like Nextcloud 24 Milestone · GitHub and Nextcloud 24 Milestone · GitHub and don’t forget: your help is super important for the success of Nextcloud!

Thanks a lot to everybody who pitches in during beta and RC phases - and the rest of the time of course! :rose:

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Client release is still on 3.5.0 RC1

Coming soon! Server 24 beta2 is out now.

yeah, took a while, RC3 is out now however :smiley:

It would’ve been the final if we had not decided to put in one more feature that needs more work, so it should be very stable. Of course, more testing is still super welcome!

backup functionally ?