Nextcloud 24 desktop rc3 available for bug testing

Continuing the discussion from Nextcloud Hub II 24beta2 and Desktop client RC's for testing!:


Help test rc3! Please report any bugs to the appropriate repo.

There’s a bug which is affecting many, but not all users.
It’s intermittent and a number of factors affect the frequency of faults.
Conflicts are generated when they should not be, consistently at the rate of about 400 per million transactions.
There’s a long discussion on Nextcloud-Client creating conflicts when it should not · Issue #2467 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub
Still present on 24.0.0 beta 2.

On my Windows 10 (Enterprise 2004, with dark mode), the share-icon button no longer opens the Share dialog, as it does in 3.4.x. Can anyone else confirm?

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