Nextcloud has a booth at FOSDEM, wanna help out?


Hi all,

We will be at FOSDEM with a booth on February 4 and 5. It will be awesome :wink:

Who’s interested in being there, helping out? It is absolutely awesome to do, by the way, so if you’ve never done it before you will get preference over people who’ve ran a booth before. I always enjoy getting new people up to speed!

And no, you don’t need to be a developer or super experienced to help out at a booth, not at all.

So, see you at FOSDEM?


@jan and @bjoern have committed to helping out. Who else?


I’m not sure if I have time that weekend. Could be interesting but not sure if I know it early enough to get a cheap train ticket.


If I wasn’t on a remote island I’d pop along for the experience.


I’ll be at FOSDEM. I could help out a bit on Saturday. New to FOSDEM, but not to booths (CeBIT years back). On Sunday I’m at the Open Source Design devroom.


Awesone @eppfel !!!

@JasonBayton do it, first because FOSDEM is an experience beyond other events and second because Brexit might not make it any easier in the future. Heck, we’re flying in from Berlin, no further than you probably are from Brussels :wink:

Also, beer.

BTW @bjoern and myself have booked - if you’re looking for a place to stay with geeky breakfast company, pick that one :smiley:


I’d like to help and get some experience and fun.
edit: Sat and Sun, all day both days


I’ll be at FOSDEM and would like to be at Nextcloud booth :smiley:
Been already at the booth on SFK.


Looks like we have a great team :smiley:
Let me share some details as I have them now, tell me what’s missing:


We’ll have a booth at FOSDEM: K1B 6. Nextcloud
As booth volunteers we have:


You could book - where some others are staying.


The Stuttgarters will hopefully be so nice to bring lots of stickers & flyers, if possible the roll up banner.

All cool. What’s missing?


My ticket and hotel :laughing:

I’d love to, but I’m fresh out of holidays, due to resign from my job the following week and lost hundreds of pounds over Christmas, particularly getting my car through its MOT.

I’ll join the next one :slight_smile:


Hello to all,

Looking forward to it! (:slight_smile:
Would be good if all of us wear Nextcloud tshirt and why not to have some
at the booth for others, maybe selling them?
Also think that a table clothe would look nice and will easily catch the
attendants attention.
What you think?

Denisa Ruçaj


Ha, we should bring some t-shirts, yes. Depends on the mode of transport used by Bjoern & Frank and whoever comes from Stuttgart… A car would be helpful hint hint :smiley:

A table cloth - yeah, we should buy one. lemme see 'bout that…


WOW, cool how many people will come and help! :slight_smile: This will be fun :tada:

Just booked my hotel. We could do a group dinner on Saturday maybe?


Hey, everything sounds great. Looking forward to seeing you all :slight_smile:
@jan +1 great idea :smile:


I’ll be there too for some hours to help :slight_smile:


Well Iam out. Sister decided to visit me that exact week so not possible to join you guys.Sorry.
So the list goes like that now.


sorry you won’t join!


Just booked my hotel! I will definitely come and say hello! And depending on the timing of the talks, I may be available to help out. But I can’t promise it right now since I haven’t thoroughly looked at the program yet. This is my first FOSDEM yooohoo!!


You’re in for a treat, it is a great event!


hey, everyone who’s going to help at FOSDEM - pls let me know your t-shirt size :wink:

hint hint hint :smiley: