Nextcloud has a booth at FOSDEM, wanna help out?


M for me :heart_eyes:


I was only proposing to help out because no one was stepping up. Luckily there were some more people. I don’t really have the time to come. So enjoy FOSDEM for those who joined.


I so look forward to this weekend… Gonna be awesome :smiley:

@tflidd too bad you don’t have time, would’ve been a lot of fun!

For those helping out: here’s some info from the organization:


Stands will be located in three buildings on the ULB campus: AW, H and K. We’re in K, level 1, group B: between PostgreSQL and Bazel, together with OBS, Gentoo, Debian, CoreOS, ReactOS/Haiku. And across from our friends from the FSFE!


Build-up starts from 9:00 on Saturday. Visitors will start arriving around 10:00, and you can expect it to be properly busy by noon. The Saturday program ends at 19:00; you’re expected to be out of the building at that time.

For the night between Saturday and Sunday, there are overnight storage rooms in the H and K buildings. You can also leave stuff at your stand overnight; the buildings will be closed overnight, but we cannot guard the hallways on Sunday morning. We also cannot provide any insurance or take responsibility in case of damage or theft. We do have security staff on campus at all times.

Sunday starts around 9:00-10:00 and the teardown starts at 17:00. All stand holders are expected to help clean up the area around their stand, and the tables and table cloths should be returned to the collection point by the stand holders. Your stand area should be cleared and cleaned up and the tables returned to the collection point by 17:30.


The tables provided are 180x80cm wide. We also provide table cloths, but you are more than welcome to provide any on your own, especially if you have something like a banner for your project. There will be two chairs provided per table. You may not tape posters to the walls or windows near the stands.

We will provide you with a power socket. If you require more than one, please bring extension cables. Note that Belgium uses type E sockets: If you need any adapters, make sure to bring them along.

High-speed Internet uplink will be provided by means of WiFi everywhere. If you have a device that requires a wired ethernet connection, bring a bridge device with you.

Keep in mind that our Code of Conduct applies to stand organisers as well. Read it at

See you at FOSDEM!


It was really awesome to help at the booth!

Some people didn’t know Nextcloud but where really intrested. Some people used ownCloud and wanted to know why they should use Nextcloud. It was really fun to see them getting more convinced every time you say “this has changed”, “that was added”. And of course that it’s 100% open-source was a very good reason for a lot of people. Also quiet a few people who already had migrated to Nextcloud. And some surprise reactions that the migration is just a simple upgrade.

See you all next year! (or maybe at the conf…)


Was awesome to have you there and yeah, it was very cool to talk to people. So much encouragement, people came to thank us for starting Nextcloud!


btw dear awesome people - if you have pictures of FOSDEM, our booth and our team - PLEASE share with me. Either via a nextcloud link :wink: or just put them here… I’d like to have a nice picture for our page :wink:


And if you want to help in 2018 - FOSDEM 2018 is coming, will you be there?