Nextcloud for Filelink

Nextcloud for Filelink


“Nextcloud for Filelink” is a Thunderbird extension which makes it easy to send large attachments with Thunderbird by uploading them first to a Nextcloud server and by then inserting the link into the body of your email.

It is currently possible to upload files as large as 1GB.


Please stand-by


  1. Open your Thunderbird, navigate to Tools -> Add-Ons, choose “Install Add-On From File…” and select the .zip file
  2. After installation restart Thunderbird

Nextcloud configuration

  1. Make sure that you have checked “Allow users to share via link” in the “Sharing” section of the admin page of your Nextcloud installation. If you also have checked-in the “Enforce password protection” option, make sure to fill “Password for uploaded files” field in next step
  2. By default your mail attachments will be saved in a folder called Mail-attachments. You currently need to create that folder

Note: It’s also possible to use a different folder name. Simply type the name of the folder you want to use when setting up the provider in Thunderbird

Thunderbird configuration

  1. Navigate to Edit -> Preferences -> Attachments
  2. Choose the Outgoing tab
  3. Click the Add button. The “Set up Filelink” panel will open.
  4. Select the desired service provider from the drop-down list.
  5. Select Nextcloud from the list and type in the URL to your server as well as your login and password

Note: If you want to send your email attachments to a different folder, you will have to modify the path given in “Storage path”

Once setup is complete, Thunderbird will always ask you if you want to upload big attachments to Nextcloud.


  • Nextcloud: 11.0.2 and newer
  • Thunderbird: 17.0 and newer

Known issues

  • It’s not possible to use the same Filelink provider more than once
  • You need to create the folder in Nextcloud yourself
  • Stats will be wrong if the account’s storage space is unlimited
  • You can only create public links
  • Public links will always have the same password
  • You cannot edit your Filelink account. You have to delete and re-create it if you need a change (password, folder, link password, port, etc.)


Licensed under the GNU AGPL version 3 or any later version


It’s been submitted to the Thunderbird Add-on repository.
You can download it from here wile we wait for it to get approved:
Link removed while we wait for version 1.6 to appear


Hello oparoz.
I am trying to install the addon with https but what ever i do it tells me an error occurred while setting up the account.
I know that everything is ok and my NC installation is working fine. Is there a place that i can see the log error? Does this plugin works with https and custom port?

Thank you for your contribution and this veeeery needed plugin

The best place to see if there is an error is the Thunderbird error console.
The plugin doesn’t work with self-signed certificates, but let me know if there is another problem.

thanks for the quick reply.
Very sad that its not working for self signed certs. :slight_smile:

keep up the good project my friend.

I wonder if this could be bypassed via a Thunderbird switch, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it.
A valid certificate should be used to share files with the world and Let’s encrypt is easy to set up these days.

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Good news! Guillaume Viguier-Just, the developer of the previous ownCloud version has decided to join forces and will co-maintain the Nextcloud extension :slight_smile:

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if you have a domain yes its easy with letsencrypt. But if you are an ip not a domain? or a dyndns domain? i believe it should work with all the possibilities.
Well i hope some day it will or i must buy some certs.

Hi everyone,

I created a filelink category on our forums :wink:

I suggest to ask questions there!

I’m irritated:

I’m on TB 45.8 and can’t connect my NC - getting an error after entering my password (an App-PIN due to 2FA). I’d also like a description which kind of URL “server address” takes, like “with/without https://”, “with/without remote.php/webdav/” etc. Is there an issue that prevents TB 45.8+NC4FL 1.4 from connecting my NC?

I only see one, but I’m aware of another add-on. My plan was to get in touch with them so that they could work with us on the official release. I just don’t have time for that at the moment.

I agree, it would be good to have.
Maybe you wold like to start working on it? All the changes are listed here:

That’s because 1.6 hasn’t been released yet.

As for the rest, please open issues on Github, so that we can properly track them.


will there be any version for Apple Mail in the future?



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No thank you!


I would love that too. I use Mozillla’s Firefox on macOS and that’s OK. But as for mail clients - coming from Apple Mail Thunderbird’s UI feels very unintuitive & cluttered, plus it’s just plain ugly. And no theme can spirit that away as I had to find out.

So yes, if you can, please consider a plugin for Apple Mail. That would be awesome!

I posted a bug in the forum, but nobody answered after a week… Is there another place to do it? Version 1.6 has been released with Thunderbird <= v45 version check, so the current Thunderbird release can install only Nextcloud-filelink 1.5
Is there any reason for this limitation or just an error in the release?

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Thanks for the report. It’s probably just an error. Please open an issue on Github :slight_smile:

The addon is now incompatible with the latest Thunderbird 60 release.

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nice, but, wait a minutes, yes, bad for me, i dont use thunderbird !!!

I like this Thunderbird addon very much. I was surprised about the fact that one can only have one Nextcloud provider. Why is this like it is? Would be nice to have different Nextcloud providers to choose from
Thanks alot

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