Nextcloud for Filelink

While I don’t have access to a second nextcloud install to verify against, are you certain it won’t work with multiple providers? The description says “It’s not possible to use the same Filelink provider more than once”. That seems to imply it should function, as long as you change the provider field to a different name.

Hm, yes I’m quite sure. In
it is not possible to choose (Add…) a Nextcloud account if you already have a provider with nextcloud service. In my case I can choose between Box and WebDAV - Nextcloud was not offered anymore. Just after installation of the addon I was able to choose my nextcloud account. I just want to have a second nextcloud account for using it as a service provider.

For me it’s the same. After I configured my first nextcloud, the option to connect to another nextcloud doesn’t show up anymore…


I have a slightly differnt problem: After a non functional filelink configuration (wrong nc password) I deleted the nc profile in filelink and now I’m not able to set e new profile. Filelink shows me the dropdown menu to choose a provider, but no providers are shown, it is empty. The dropdown does not work any more. I uninstalled an reinstalled the filelink add-on serveral times, but no change :frowning:

Has anyone else this problem?


Nextcloud Filelink doesn’t work in TB 60, which has been rolled out for some time now - does this plugin still be maintained/developed, @oparoz? On GitHub there are 31 issues/functional enhancement requests listed, but since one year apparently there hasn’t been any significant activity from developers side…

I have the same exact question AND why NC is advertising it to their site while it’s not working or I could say have issues with TB???

For me this is a major plugin use that NC should take care and develop. I suppose they forgot how many users use TB and NOT Outlook.


Yes. I also use TB and nextcloud for Filelink.

Tried various things.
Removed in-active “Nextcloud for Filelink” - AddOn.
Changed the max Version to 65 (in “install.rdf”).
Re-Installed “Nextcloud for Filelink” (-> was active again)
Also removed nextcloud for filelink from the possible Filelink accounts in the Options / Attachements / Outgoing, which was still there after re-installation of AddOn.
However, it now fails to setup the account. The pop-up comes, I can fill in the information, but when I press “Set up Account” -> nothing happens.

Could someone from Nextclod comment on that, please? Nextcloud Filelink for Thunderbird is still advertised on your web (Thunderbird Filelink), but no developer activity noticeable neither here, nor on GitHub… Has this project maybe been abandoned?

The fixes were merged into the repository just now but a new version has to be released on the Mozilla addons page yet.


And what? That means that it works now? That its issues will be resolved soon?

Is this how NC embraces open source projects?

Tx for the note.

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Do you know how long it will take to be released to Mozilla addons page?

Thank you.

Hi @John_Pagourtzis, you can’t estimate it in a general way, it depends on the extent of the changes and the subsequent testing experiences. First of all it’s positive that after one year of inactivity someone from the developer side has given a sign of life on GitHub and obviously started to work on a solution (title of the action in GitHub: Merge branch ‘master’ into thunderbird-60). Personally, I expect weeks rather than days until the new plugin is released.

Ok thanks for the info.
Yep it was nice to see that someone is taking care of it.

I am not pleased by NC thought on this matter.

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Normally it only needs to be updated on the mozilla-plugin-page. The users there are @oparoz and guillaumev…

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Hi to All.
I try this plugin for Thunderbird and is very good and worked very well.
I have the question in mail when I send to some user with links the files have direct link to file and when user click it file downloaded to computer/PC something like : []

But in my setup of Nextcloud I think about send to automated email to user when I upload files with the same direct link to the file []
Is possible to import the same links for files to users notify emails.

Because when I upload files to share folder of some user Nexcloud notify the user and is ok.
But the links to files is not direct to download but need to login and after download the files.
Is will be nice plugin or implementation of Nextcloud if after the upload file user get email with direct link to only download the file/files.

would there be an update for newer Thunderbird?

Hi G4Cab,

Look at “*cloud - Filelink for Nextcloud and ownCloud”.

It works fine with latest Thunderbird versions.