Nextcloud + Filelink + Thunderbird?

How can i get nextcloud for filelink working, please ?
I really don’t know what to put in "provider tab and URL server tab…
Could your help me please ?

Provider is just the name wich is shown to you

  • URL-Server is
  • Port is usually 443
  • Username is your username
  • Path is a path in your storage for the attachments
  • Password is not your password, it is the password for restricting access to shared files. (you can leave it blank)

At the end just enter the NC-password into the popup

Did it work?

Thank’s for the answer.
I don’t have a “nextcloud domaine”. It’s a dpmaine using nextcloud.
With that domaine adress, in URL server tab, i just get this error message:
Une erreur est survenue lors du paramétrage de votre compte !

“An error occurred while setting your account!”

can you post a censored version of the url you entered?

OK you set as URL and as port 443 (standard-https-port)
Just replace 443 with 1111 and delete “:1111” from the URL

Thank’s ! I changed the port number and it asked me to enter my password. I did and…unfortunatly, i still got the same error message… :frowning:

Ok so connecting was successful. The field “Mot de passe pour fichiers…” is still clear? It is just the pass for restricted access to shared files.
Try to catch the request via “extras->developer-tools->developer-toolbox” then enter the password.

Maybe subpaths are not suooprted. Try the standard path “/mail-attachments”

The field “Mot de passe…” is still clear indeed.
The “extras/developer-tools” procedure is beyond my skills in Thunderbird…Sorry :frowning:
I tried the standard path "/mail-attachments"
I still hve the same message…

uff so then a developer like @jospoortvliet must help you.

Just my standard tip to look if the credentials are right.

PS: if solved you can check the helpfuliest answer in the checkbox you have like here:

Thank’s a lot for your help !

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All I can recommend is:

  • check it works in the browser
  • Try to connect directly with webDAV
  • check the logs on the server

If the answer is yes/yes/nothing in there even at the highest debug level I’m clueless, you should consider filing an issue in the client repo.

Thank’s for the advices !
I changed my Nextcloud email login and i get filelink (almost) working…
The only issue left : i get only 2Go (my nextcloud storage is 10Go)

I messed around with the nextcloud filelink with thunderbird for the better part of a day.
I then tried MEGAbird, set it up in about 2 minutes. Straight forward, it creates the folder for you in MEGA Cloud and is available right away. Why can’t the nextcloud work this way? The biggest problem with nextcloud is that the links they give us don’t work, things don’t connect and we are trying hard to make this work. How much better if things worked the way they were supposed to work and it was easy to connect and go. Someone needs to tell the developers to focus on ease of use for a few months.

Just take a look in the releases changelog
Seems like development stopped. Nextcloud itself is not the problem, the AddOn has the most problems. And don’t forget, MEGA has employees, which care about that it works, nextcloud is normally self-hosted.