Nextcloud Desktop Client - multiple server connections

Please make it possible to connect and manage multiple client-server connection with all the desktop clients.

We cannot use Nextcloud as it brings up the issue that we have to connect to several different server endpoints.
Seafile implements this quiet nice in the desktop clients and mobile apps.

Do you think this is possible to add soon?


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It is already possible to connect to multiple Nextcloud/Owncloud servers with the desktop client.

I currently have it connected to both work and private NextCloud servers without any issues.

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A link to a guide would have been beneficial. I don’t see an obvious way to do this from the client’s options, nor disconnect it from the original server.

When having the Client config window open there is an “Account” button and there you can add or remove additional accounts. Below is a screenshot and shows my 2 accounts I have currently connected:

Here is also a link to the manual: