Nextcloud (Depreciated) on

total Nextcloud server noob here so please don’t tear me to shreds for my dumb questions.

I have a Nextcloud instance running in an appbox on
Since the last migration the Nextcloud is listed Nextcloud (Depreciated) in the apps for unknown reasons.

I’ve already contacted their suppport but wanted to make sure there is nothing I’m missing.

When I open the page for the nextcloud instance directly I get to the page telling me the instance is in maintenance mode.

The adress looks like this
(I changed it here for security reasons)

These are the details of the appbox:
RAM: 4.00 GB, CPUs: max
Resource multiplier: 1x
Installed version 23.0.0
Using 1 app slot
Installed on userXYZ

I’m struggling with where to start fixing this particular problem.
I only have the appbox listed in the interface of and I have the webadress in maintenance mode.
I just don’t know how to even issue any commands to the server in the box like this.
Would that be possible via the webaddress somehow?
Or is there a way to connect via console?

Sorry I know I’m rambling here a bit. I have only worked with the Nextcloud user interface so far as an admin but I was never in the situation that I can’t get pass the login screen.

I did try the search function but found everything just more confusing as most topics assume you have access to the server directly. Which I somehow don’t have or don’t understand.

Any pointers are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Please see How To: Get Help on Shared Webhosting - Nextcloud community

Thank you very much. If I read that correctly my only hope is the hoster.
Damn. Thanks again.

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