How To: Get Help on Shared Webhosting

January 5

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I need help, and my Nextcloud is on Shared hosting

  1. The only person who can help you is your webhost
  2. You are at the mercy of your webhost.
  3. You value low cost over root access to the machine, which is not available.

What, why must I ask my webhost to help with my shared hosting?

I don’t want to ask my host for support

My host will not help me.

So, I am 100% dependant on my shared hosting provider?

Good luck with your shared webhosting experience!

We hope this clarifies why shared hosting is both extremely inexpensive and can be equally unreliable. Your hosting provider should do their due diligence to support paying customers! Since anyone can host Nextcloud, this also opens the doors to poor quality hosts selling access to Nextcloud out of their basement… Either way, always keep backups of your data outside of the provider and best of luck to you!

What we can help on (on a surface level)

What we cannot help on (on a deeper, fundamental level)