Nextcloud Deck Android 1.8.3 - Redesign, move cards, clone boards, compact mode

We are happy to announce the release of Nextcloud Deck Android 1.8.3 #apps:deck ! :slightly_smiling_face:

This is one of the biggest releases since version 1.0.0 which fixes a lot of bugs and ships those features among others:

  • :sparkles: Adjust design to new style of Nextcloud Android app
  • :art: Brand now uses board color to provide better context
  • :twisted_rightwards_arrows: Move cards to other boards and accounts
  • :heavy_plus_sign: Clone boards with existing stacks and labels
  • :new: Compact mode
  • :spiral_notepad: Display description icons in cards when no tasks are present
  • :no_entry_sign: Filter by unassigned cards
  • :art: New board default colors
  • :mag: Display all available users as search results when sharing a board

We highly depend on feedback from you and are looking forward to your reports. Please understand, that we also rely on appropriate input and therefore require a completely filled issue template.

Our next release will probably feature

  • initial (read-only) support for projects
  • a widget to display the content of a list (by community member @dan0xii :slightly_smiling_face: )
  • the ability to filter for cards without a tag

and will be available on the beta channel soon.

The release is rolled out in stages (at time writing 20%), so just be a little patient if you can’t see the update yet or switch to the beta channel.

Get it on Play StoreGet it on F-Droid

If you’d like to get involved into the development, check out our good first issues and other ways to contribute :rocket:


Hello, I started to use desk but missed the opportunity to have a task level like in asana and so stopped using it. Is a task level planned soon?
Also, why is this only for android users? I am a bit confused - is this only for the app?
Thank you for an update also on where Desk is right now on the desk top version.

Dear @Angela

I assume you mean β€œDeck”? (just to make sure, we are talking about the same thing :wink:)

Depends a bit on what exactly you mean with β€œTask”:

Of course the Android-App will and cannot implement a feature which is not supported by the server app. The Android-App therefore always follows the server app in terms of new features.

Because the Android-App is developed and distributed by a community which is independent of the Nextcloud GmbH. And β€œwe” are not interested in developing apps for a closed source operating system. Of course everyone is free to start developing an iOS app :slightly_smiling_face:.

Yes, this blog post is only for the Android-App. The server app already supports most of the mentioned features.


Thank you. I do understand the reasoning around the closed system. I guess I need to have another look into the server version. It’s quite a while since I tested it. And yes, I mean deck :slight_smile: