Nextcloud crashed after Mail crawled an IMAP mail folder

I ran out of ideas…
I am on a HostEurope vServer (Ubuntu 18.04), running NC 23 with PHP8.
Today I used the Mail app on the web interface and changed to a fairly full imap folder. The mail app loaded forever, so I tried to change back to the files and NC immediately got unrespsonive. Nothing’s loading anymore, sync is not working (desktop app, calendar etc.).

I alreayd logged into the server and restarted apache, nginx and php services without a change. The occ command is extremely slow. Server load in general is low, so fine…

Any first idea from the community?

Edit: After ten minutes or so, the web interface returns 502 Bad Gateway

Ok, I fixed it after running systemctl restart php*. But I still have no idea what happened.

Hi @jnstllng,
You are missing the required support template. Please fill this form out and edit into your post.

Also, try connecting to your server and running top and df -h or similar to make sure your system is not being bogged down with something related to the disk usage or networking.

This will give us more technical info and logs needed to help you in problem solving what happened! Also possible there are some tweaks you can do to your server to improve performance. Check which php modules your server is currently using and share here. Thanks.