Nextcloud-Collabora: no option to select template

Hello All,

I have set up a new Nextcloud on Debian: version 17.0.3.
For testing purposes I also have Collabora CODE edition: version

When opening a new file, I never see the option to create the file from template.
In settings - Collabora Online I have no option to select a template directory.
I cannot find any app I can enable in order to work with templates.

I did upload .ott files to
~/appdata/richdocuments/templates an ran:
occ files:scan-app-data

That did not help.

Can anyone offer some advise?
Many thanks, J.

Hello All,

no takers for this question; thanks to every one who took the time to have a look at the post any way.
Could someone tell me if something extra needs to be installed or should this just work after installing Nextcloud / Collabora?

Greetings, J.